The Man With Books–Guest Blogger Alicia Reagan

I’m excited to present a guest blog by my wife, Alicia Reagan. We came up with the idea to guest blog  for each other recently. She is the one who encouraged me to start this blog. She even designed the template and taught me how to publish a post. She is rather experienced herself having her own popular blog. Her blog has a far larger readership than mine, and I am truthfully thankful for how the Lord is using her.

The original idea for this article was a humorous one on the constantly expanding number of books in our home. What she has given me is not the humorous one we discussed, but one overly kind and generous in a few spots. So please read this with a few gallons of salt and a forbearing spirit as she is obviously blinded by love. Vice that it is, I can’t bring myself to find fault.
When Jimmy and I started dating, he was a manager for Home Federal Bank. I met him in a Sunday School class and was attracted to his genuine love for the Lord.Having been raised in the ministry, I was stuck in the mindset that to love the Lord you must be called to preach. Well, Jimmy Reagan blew that theory.

I will never forget on one day, he wanted to show me his house that he owned. We went to his house and on the “tour” he showed me his second bedroom which he had converted to an office. There was a desk, a couch and more books than I had ever seen in someone’s home! Wall to wall there were books everywhere! Books were stacked all over the floor, along the walls, on the desk, up on the file cabinet and when you opened the closet guess what? Yes -books! I looked at these books and most of them were about the Bible or about great Christian men.

I will never forget that day because it was the day I confirmed in my heart that I had met a man who truly loved the Word of God and wanted to glean all he could from it. I used to say to him, “Why do you need all these books? You have the Bible and that is all you need!” I heard a preacher say that and it sounded real spiritual. He then replied, “I would never assume to think I know everything. I am more than willing to learn from those who have walked before me.” It was then I realized that the preacher who had said that maybe wasn’t as spiritual as he might have been lazy.

I married that man with the books and I love him for loving them. However, there are times I did not share his love for his books. When they started overrunning my home, I did not like them. When they were stored in boxes with no place to go, I felt they were useless.  When I tried to have a conversation and he would answer me behind the pages of a book, I was ready to throw them in the trash! He has learned how to keep me happy with his books though and has built shelves, organized them nicely and put them away when I need his attention. So, his books and I are back on reading terms again.

If you enter our home now, you will find some books in our bedroom in a specific place, a book shelf in the living room that mostly has my pretty books on it and then you enter his office. You will find wall to wall bookshelves that are double stacked and if you ask him about a book, he can immediately reach to shelf number six, second row and give you the fifth book from the left. I don’t know how he does that! He knows his books! If you dare approach our family room downstairs which is also the play room for our children, you will again find beautiful shelves filled with books that completely wrap our downstairs and they are carefully organized by topic.

He is not a collector of books. He is a reader. He reads portions of 40-50 books to prepare for one sermon and he preaches 3 times a week! When you hear him preach, you can tell. I can’t even stand to listen to shallow preaching anymore. I know who has studied a portion of Scripture and learned everything they could about that portion, or who just picked a topic they want to preach about and dug around until they found a couple of verses to go with it. I am a sermon snob now and I will gladly admit it. It is not my fault though. It is because I married the man with books.

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