Great Blogs You Ought Know About

There’s many worthwhile blogs out there these days. Some with outstanding content.

I’d like to introduce you to Partners For The Gospel (P4G). It’s the brainchild of Pastor Patrick Nix that he modeled after the Gospel Coalition blog. It puts out new content every day. I’ve been honored to be a contributor, but it’s not just pastors writing there. You’ll find a variety that gives a broader perspective. The blog has gotten off to a good start. I’d recommend you check it out!

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about a new blog for ladies called Living On PB & J. The idea for it was born with our friend Joy Boyer who has had her own blog for some time called The Boyer Story. They have quite a collection of wives and mothers contributing on there including my wife Alicia. I’m not reading it myself (except my own Sweetie’s articles) since it’s for ladies, but I’m seeing it all over Facebook. They must be having a good time on there.

I came across a blog I’m already enjoying following called The Christian Pundit. Several people I know shared an article about the importance of whom you marry for daughters. It was really good. After I looked into it, the blog turned out not to be a ladies blog, but one put out by a husband-and-wife team named William and Rebecca VanDoodewaard. Together they put out a broad range of helpful material. They are great writers and I look forward to following them in the future on this very well-done blog.

Additionally, I’d like to tell you about a blog by a great friend of mine called It’s by Pastor Mike Montegomery. He’s had the blog for a while mostly writing little things for his church, but now he’s tackling larger subjects with great insights. He’s really been on a roll!

Finally, if you know me, you probably know who my favorite blogger is. This blogger often writes her blog posts in the late evening while lying beside me. Her blog is in no way a ladies-only blog as she writes on many things through her unique eyes. Of course love would compel me to love her blog no matter what, but I genuinely love her writing. She sets the bar high when I go to write an entry for Reagan Review! The other day she wrote an exceptionally good one that epitomized her style called Rubbernecking.

There’s many worthwhile blogs out there competing to be read in our busy lives. Thanks for reading Reagan Review!

2 thoughts on “Great Blogs You Ought Know About

    • I love seeing the ladies get their encouragement. Being a godly wife and mother is tough in our culture. Great idea on your part! You had better get someone more famous than me to plug it, however, before you can get famous from it! 🙂

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