The Year In Review For Reagan Review–2012

2012This is my first full year of blogging as I began in November 2011 with a Blogspot blog of the same name. I came over to WordPress this year and have loved it. For the record, I love blogging. My Alicia got into it well before I did, but it is now a big part of both our lives. I originally just wanted to do new book reviews, but now I open my mouth on several things. I’ve sought for calmness, Christian grace, and love when sharing what I believe though some might strongly disagree with what I am saying.

It’s trial and error trying to figure how a blog works. I’ll mention what posts did the best, but I should confess that a few posts were duds. Apparently, not all Reagan Review posts are created equal. I still love doing the new book reviews, but it is the book itself that decides how well those post gets read. As for all the other posts, well I guess it is choice of material. One thing I learned from my veteran-blogger Alicia is first just write what is on your heart. That is most important and everything thing else must take care of itself.

Having said that, hot topics still get read the most. My article after the Jack Schaap  disaster (Tsunami) was far and away the most read. I did not see that coming at all. It did reveal that something was going on in too many places and people were happy to hear it addressed.

The next most read article was on Dress Standards. I knew a few wouldn’t like it, but I only meant it for honesty and clarity. The response again was overwhelming. I was shocked about how many agreed with the position I took. I didn’t see that coming either. I’m sad that a handful misunderstood what I was trying to accomplish, but since my conscience is clear about that matter, and because of the many who wrote thanking us, I’m glad I wrote it.

Other such articles that were more widely read were on subjects like Gay Marriage and a few others around the election. I will not sink to writing only on controversial subjects to get hits. When something in that category is on my heart, I will write it, but never just to get traffic. I feel passionate about others things too that simply are not as interesting to people (like preaching and other ministry topics), but I will write on that as well.

Another topic that is well read on here is when I write about my Alicia or disability. Again, disability is our new life, now almost 4 years, and frankly it has changed our lives in my so many ways. I wish I could say I have handled every part of it perfectly, but I have not. While I have loved and cared for her deeply, I have failed her many times. We still haven’t arrived, but we are committed to working through every challenge no matter how difficult. I find myself often having learned and then having more to learn. I correct and find more to correct. Still, I am an incredibly blessed man. See (Is She My Tool Or My Treasure?) or for disability (My Visit To The Disabled World). I also had the privilege to guest blog on Alicia’s blog (The Woman I Love) last February.

The other day I had someone address how you can come across as an expert who has it all together when you write on things like blogs. I really hope I never come across that way. If any reader ever thought it, they were sadly mistaken. I have written about the ministry because I so want to honor the Lord and I have ideas about what it ought to be. I have written about marriage and fatherhood because I so want to succeed despite a flawed record, not because I have attained the greatest heights. Alicia likens our blogging to a tracing of our journey. It is a journey of highs and lows and massive doses of the grace of God. Our only commendable trait is not in the impressive nature of the journey but in our dogged determination to keep going even when we run a wheel off in the ditch as we sometimes do. The most obvious thing we see ever more vividly is the Lord’s gracious deliverance, patience, love, and guidance as we go along.

So I am excited as I have ever been to come into a new year. This year had some personal bumps that I don’t particularly want to discuss, but a new year is a fresh start. I thank the Lord for the privilege as not everyone is coming into this New Year with us. Instead of a list of resolutions (though I imagine such a list would not be hard to come up with), I just want more of Christ this year. And I want Him to have more of me. And in the areas I have written about the most, I pray He helps me as a husband, father, friend, and pastor.

So to my readers I say thank you. I treasure every encouraging word that has come my way. I pray the Lord gives each of you a wonderful new year in 2013.

Happy New Year!

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