Valentine’s Day and the Christian

happy valYou’re heard the criticism. It’s just commercialism and we shouldn’t get wrapped up in celebrating Valentine’s Day. Is that a fair criticism?

I’m a little under the weather today (nothing too serious), so I took the extra time to read really slowly down my facebook news feed and actually enjoyed reading several folks wish their spouses a Happy Valentine’s Day. Why shouldn’t their spouses get a little public recognition? Why shouldn’t they affirm what should be true anyway? With all the challenges with keeping a marriage where it should be, why not have another day on the calendar to help us remember?

The arguments against it run quite similar to those we hear for Christmas. I fear that some may just enjoy being a killjoy. Perhaps it’s just their own brand of commercialism in that it will lighten their wallets a little to celebrate it. Some ladies are probably especially glad for this day because they at least now have the Big Three to expect presents: 1) Christmas, 2) Birthday, and 3) Valentine’s Day. Without these 3 dates, they might have nothing. Though that is worthy of its own lecture, it in no way diminishes the value of Valentine’s Day.

It can actually be fun for the whole family. This morning my Valentine, Alicia, made a special Valentine’s Day breakfast of special pancakes and Valentine’s candy. Though I didn’t feel like eating too much myself, I enjoyed watching all those happy faces at our table. Alicia and I have always worked to make Valentine’s Day memorable and both have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our kids like it too.

We have never make it an expensive thing, but always fun. Marriage, even for all the work it takes, and all the mistakes you have to overcome, is a wonderful thing. I say we should celebrate it!

Yes, I should treat her like my Valentine all year, but I’m glad to focus on our love for a whole day. I’m confident, unless a man is a complete idiot or buffoon, that this day is a positive for marriage.

I, for one, am glad my Alicia is my Valentine. Among all the women on our planet, she is mine. I celebrate my own blessing and happiness when I enthusiastically embrace the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Do what you like, but I am going to enjoy myself.


Happy Valentine’s Day Alicia!

BTW, last year I wrote a guest blog post on her blog about her. A year later I wouldn’t change a word I wrote. You can read it here:

The Woman I Love

After I posted this I found out that Alicia was writing her own post for her blog. I’m so touched by what she wrote–Romance Every Day. Thanks Sweetheart!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day and the Christian

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  3. Uh oh……. You are in trouble.

    “Some ladies are probably especially glad for this day because they at least now have the Big Three to expect presents: 1) Christmas, 2) Birthday, and 3) Valentine’s Day. ”

    Someone forgot ANNIVERSARY! LOL Just pulling your chain.

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