A Transition In Our Reagan Family Ministry


It has been a real matter of prayer. The Lord has made His will clear to us and so we enter a time of change. This last Sunday night I resigned First Baptist Church of West Union, Ohio after 9 1/2 years. Our last service there will May 26th. It was a time of tears for us all. There is no problems there at all, but the Lord sends change into our lives at times and this was clearly His time.

This entails both a short-term and a longer-term change for our ministry. Ultimately, I know that the Lord has called me to pastoring. That is my passion. I love handling the Word of God and I have given my life to it. So we are waiting for the Lord to open the door for the next pastorate He has for us. This may take months–only the Lord knows.

In the short-term we plan to be available for meetings, particularly Sunday meetings. We have traveled some especially over the last 2 years where I preach, where Alicia does a ladies meeting or class with her testimony or we do a joint testimony, and where the children sing. We have done a few 3-day meetings as well as Saturday Ladies meetings to go with a Sunday meeting. When I was a pastor we had to turn some of these down because I didn’t feel we should be away from our church that much. We are not going to call and hit up our friends and acquaintances for meetings. We will not impinge on our friends. We are just letting all of you wonderful people be aware of our situation through blogs and Facebook and just see what the Lord does. We leave the matter in His hands.

We will be based in Tennessee during this time of transition as my wonderful parents have graciously offered an empty house they own on a 45 acre farm for us to live temporarily. Yes, we plan some special front porch Tennessee evenings for us this summer. Alicia, the children, and I are all excited about that and some extra family time too.

I want to publicly speak of our love for the dear folks at First Baptist Church too. How wonderful they have been, even through the hardest trial of our lives so far. They will be voting on my friend and Assistant Pastor Jamin Boyer at my last service. It’s thrilling to get to see him carry on in this work so dear to our hearts.

As I told our church when I resigned:

Let us now look to the future. I am glad that the Lord always has a plan for us all.

I hope you are a little sad like we are, but your spiritual strength never comes from a pastor, his wife, or his family–it comes only from Jesus Christ. You can be at no loss at all to not have us if you have Jesus. Undershepherds come and go, but the Good Shepherd never changes.

…Our days to serve the Lord are swiftly passing. In no time at all, we will be with Him. I rejoice tonight that we can serve Him together again there where we will never be separated again. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

First Baptist folks, we love you and wish you the very best in the days ahead.

If you are interested in booking us sometime over the next few months you may:

1. Send me a facebook message, or a message through this blog, or email to jimmy@enjoyingtherideministries.com.

2. Call us at 937-217-2059 or 937-217-1815. These are our 2 track phone numbers that are a little spotty at times.

Most of all, friends of the Reagan family, we ask for and thank you in advance for your prayers.

16 thoughts on “A Transition In Our Reagan Family Ministry

  1. Will be praying for you in this new transition, move. I’m looking forward to God’s plans for you and your family.

  2. We will be praying for you and your family. You are a great encouragement to me. I LOVE your book reviews and blog, please do not stop those efforts. We are thankful for your friendship, excited for the next step in your ministry.

    • Thank you! You are very encouraging yourself! I appreciate the prayers. We are just trusting The Lord for this transition time and have scheduled a few meetings so far. We really look forward for where The Lord will send us next too! I plan to keep the blog posts and book reviews coming as well. God bless!

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