He Said The Right Thing

I really was touched by my Sweetheart writing this blog. She has written much on disability, but this was just a snapshot of moments that happen. I never even knew she was having a difficult moment. That is just the kind of person she is. Still, these things are real.

You might enjoy other of her articles on the subject if you click the other links at the bottom of the article.

We have additional articles at enjoyingtherideministries.com as well.

I have even written a few here my blog.
Confessions From A Disability Marriage

My Visit To The Disabled World

I appreciate my Alicia’s work to reach out to others in the Disabilty world we live in and to help educate others.

alicia reagan


The other night I was feeling sorry for Jimmy. In reality, I was feeling sorry for myself and my melancholy kind of morphed into also feeling sorry for him. I was laying on the bed, my spasms were pretty wild, and he was fighting hard to get my legs through their range of motion exercises. If you wonder what that is, click on this link for a video.

Jimmy had worked really hard all day and was exhausted. It was late and he was tired. He was not used to a nail gun at work and had run a nail into his wrist so his arm was hurting. I asked him to please skip the exercises to help his arm. Like always, he wouldn’t hear of it. He is so loyal and dedicated to me. I both adore that and get frustrated at him as I don’t think I could…

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