The Woman I Love

woman i love AliciaHere it is a year and a half later since I wrote this about my dear Alicia as a guest on her blog. I feel I was in many ways still having difficulty with our new life of disability. I was the most difficult then for a few months that I ever was to her. Still, I loved her and thank God for His grace in getting us over the difficult places of life. Every word was true and I am reflecting how I only feel more strongly about her now. I thank God for her and for the Lord’s work in both our lives. Alicia, you are still the woman I love, now more than ever.

Alicia Reagan

The task of writing before me is challenging, almost intimidating. It’s not that I lack inspiration. Alicia means more than life to me. It’s just that I know that most of you who read this already love and appreciate her yourself. Much that I could say would be no revelation to you. As much as anyone I’ve ever known, she embodies what is called “friend”. She collects friends like some of us collect junk. Her friendship is sincere, pleasant, can take perhaps more than most, and will last as long as you want it. But hey, you knew that. See what I mean.

As she stated in her last blog, we were friends from the beginning. That we could be more occurred to her before it did to me only because I never thought that such an incredible young lady would actually like me. Before you start thinking this false…

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