I Have Jesus–Alicia’s Wonderful New Song

I came home to a surprise the other day! Alicia said, among other reports of the day, that she had written a song. We had somewhere to go that evening, but I asked that she please sing it to me. She and the older children had already worked on it till they could sing it, so she grabbed the guitar while I sat down with my supper. Then I was blown away! Tears had to be fought away just like I learned that Alicia and the children old enough to comprehend it had to do earlier in the day. Praise God, I have Jesus!

I told her, after several gushy statements, that this would have to be the new Reagan family theme song. It speaks so to where we are in our journey. All that matters is that we have Jesus!

Verse one particularly captures how we feel. We have lived every syllable of it. We learned of the shaky ground of life, of health, of love you could depend on, yet we came out in a wonderful place–safely with Jesus! Since Alicia suffered the lowest depths of it, no wonder she wrote this from an overflowing heart. She saw it before we did. Now, we do too.

I asked her if I could have the thrill of introducing this song, and she graciously consented. Forgive me for carrying on, but this song has touched my heart. Alicia has written songs off and on for almost 20 years, but this is easily her best. She has written some songs with her prolific songwriting sister Niki Lott, who has Christian Compositions. Those who went to college with her probably know of her Trust In Me and My Grace Is Sufficient, but life’s experiences have given her a richer vein to mine from as you can detect in the words of this song.

Without further adieu, here is the song (lyrics below) with some testimony interspersed that I want her to share:


by Alicia Reagan

Verse 1:

We plan our lives to completion
As to how we live our days
Never thinking for a moment
That it could all be swept away
Health may break our bodies
Loved ones may break our hearts
These moments are when we realize
There is one thing that won’t depart.


I have Jesus, and He alone will satisfy,
I have Jesus, He always knows my deepest cry,
He will never leave nor forsake
He gives His grace so that I can take,
I have Jesus, and He is all I need.

Verse 2

Fears may overwhelm us
Shadows come rushing by
The tempter comes and whispers,
“Give up! Don’t even try.”
But my Friend, Who sees my struggle
Comes to bear my heavy load
As I look to Him and thank Him
These words burst in my soul:

Repeat Chorus

I need Thee every hour….

I Have Jesus by Alicia Reagan, copyright 2013


5 thoughts on “I Have Jesus–Alicia’s Wonderful New Song

  1. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL! I just listened to this with my family and we were all so blessed by the song and Alecia’s testimony. God bless you and your family and thank you for sharing. I put it on my fb page.

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