Blog News and Reagan Family Update for November 2013

On occasion I just want to pause and thank every one who reads my blog. There are so many good articles online that for anyone to take a moment to read posts here is humbling.

I want to announce a series that I will be beginning soon–an Independent Baptist Truth Revolution! . There are issues on my heart that I feel must be addressed even if they are painful. I may be banished to the dog house, but I am going there! Watch for it if the Independent Baptist world is of interest to you. I plan to release one article every Tuesday morning.

The Books on the Ministry series is up to 9 posts and 31 books reviewed so far. You can find a complete list here in this Introductory blogpost.

We also appreciate the prayers that many are praying for our family in this time of transition. We were talking to a church in Maryville, Tennessee that has wonderful people, but the Lord had other plans for that situation. We trust it was the best.

We are now talking to a few other churches about a pastorate and are trusting the Lord here too. He has never failed our family and His perfect will is what we seek. Those prayers are still appreciated though. I am still working and preaching on occasion too. Alicia and our children are well. We thank the Lord for His incredible kindness and care! God bless….


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