The Duck Dynasty Crisis And The Big Picture

The uproar is real and sensible. Many of us feel a keen sense of something being wrong, really wrong. It is much bigger than some fun-loving bearded guys. It has blown up many a Facebook newsfeed, but is more than just something to status about. It speaks in a profound way to where we are today. For Christians, it is a place we hoped we would never be.

As for the show itself, I have not been its biggest fan. Nothing personal– it just seems like a bunch of guys shooting the breeze at work. As long as there are places where men work without women there will always be that competitive, braggadocio type of discussion about how everything should be done, whether it is important like big life issues or how to play golf ( yes I saw that episode). Still, it is positive, as it is at least harmless, and even more, pro-family with the Lord as a natural part of that family. For the record, my children love it.

As for Phil Robertson’s comments, I fully support his right to speak his opinion. As Albert Mohler well said, I wonder if GQ was the best place to do so and I wish he had been a little more discreet in his actual word choice. In any event, the essence of what he said is the Christian position. Whether anyone likes it or not, it is the position the Lord has given us in the Bible. That really isn’t the debate as it is simply too obvious.

There has been many well written pieces on the deep intolerance in the modern brand of “tolerance“. It is the height of hypocrisy, of course. To say we can’t take a critical position against anyone or anything because ultimately truth and certainty aren’t real while proclaiming Christianity is wrong to speak up for its morals and its exclusive Savior is hopelessly illogical! But I guess logic is lying in the ditch several miles back on our country’s journey. I shake my head at this, but the point is that it is where we are nonetheless.

How deeply engrained is this problem today? Take the A & E Network for example. They did it. The bragging rights were theirs. They had the most successful program in the history of cable television. They could smile all the way to the bank. How great is the pressure of silencing the Christian voice and especially our position on homosexuality? They were willing to jeopardize their most profitable show to have the approval of the Far Left. They are a for-profit company, with shareholders to answer to, and they did this! I can only think of one reason for such action–their belief that the Far Left has the power that must be answered to. No other explanation makes sense to me as business executives have their jobs on the line always for the bottom line. It is spooky when there is something more powerful than the bottom line. I am not saying that all greed is good, but it is predictable–at least until now.

Don’t think this the only such case. Ask Craig James, college football commentator, who lost his position with Fox Sports in a similar fashion. It is happening in many places. That is the real crisis.

This is the beginning of persecution. Working in corporate America is already a stroll nothin ice. Ditto if you work in any government or school agency. Being shoved out the door for simply holding a Christian position is already a distinct possibility. The trend is growing into other fields. We have had the PC Police for a longtime, but now bucking them comes at great cost.

If this doesn’t turn around, it won’t be long until holding and sharing this position will be criminalized. I fear the next step will be government involvement in the pulpits of the land. I suspect it will hit radio first, then actually churches. We will not be the first country to travel this road, but I dread it, don’t you?

We had better take a stand. I appreciate the Robertson family standing by Phil. Let all we who name the Name of Christ be ready to stand with each other. If not, the slide down the slippery slop will only crash at the bottom sooner. May the Lord help us and our country.
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10 thoughts on “The Duck Dynasty Crisis And The Big Picture

  1. I have a few questions. Do you really think what happened to this man is the beginning of persecution ? You can’t be serious. A man chose to express his offensive opinion behind the veil of religion and a PRIVATE company decided to take the necessary actions. To claim that this is the “beginning of persecution” is offensive to Christians losing their actual lives in places like Syria or the middle east who are experiencing actual persecution. I notice you never addressed his disparaging remarks against African Americans by misrepresenting singing on cotton fields with being “happy” pre Civil War, Jim Crow days. When the actual singing of slaves and African Americans were songs to God about how they wanted out of such circumstances and systems of evil. You fear the next step is “government involvement in the pulpits of the land” but again A&E is a private company and can do what it wishes to its employees with such rude and racists remarks. I pray the body of Christ can align with Love in situations like these and talk about the real issues. Stop trying to hold on to days of darker past in this country when Old White men were able to speak their racist dribble without consequence. I’m praying that God gives you the grace to see how wrong it is to support a racist bigoted homophobe. God Bless you and your ministry

    • Hello Disappointed,
      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here.

      I believe you misinterpreted my position on Mr. Robertson. I am not defending him in particular. He rambles much and I am not going to put myself in a position to defend his every remark. I actually agree that his word choices crossed the line into vulgarity. Still, his overall point that homosexuality is a sin is the Biblical and historic Christian position. That is increasingly becoming a dangerous position to hold and has resulted in lost employment for several people.

      It violates a constitutional right to free speech on the one hand, and is singling out Christianity on the other. That is bigotry.

      As for his racial comments, I never even heard of that until last night after I wrote the article. His comments seemed to be a personal observation for the black people he grew up around. Still, he can defend himself on that one. To stand by someone on a particular event is not to stand by them in every thing said or done.

      I respectfully stand by the persecution I mentioned. That is the big picture, as I said, and dwarfs the person of Phil Robertson.

      I realize that some pastors have said ill-advised comments in standing by the Biblical position on homosexuality. If you read the article I linked at the bottom of this post, you will see I believe that and criticize it. Still, it is our right to state the Biblical position when every opinion against it is allowed and encouraged.

      I thank you for writing and will leave your comments here for others to consider.

      God bless!

      • Thanks for replying. There is a terrible misconception of what exactly free speech is in this country in terms of the constitution. This man’s constitutional right to free speech hasn’t been violated. The constitution guarantees that Congress or any other Government entity can not silence us because of what we say. Robertson hasn’t been silenced he can continue to hash out all of his opinions for as long as he wants. He isn’t constitutionally guaranteed to keep a reality show job afterwards though. Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequence. Again, A&E is not a government entity and has the right to dish out necessary consequences to their employees. A&E is not the church and its dangerous to suggest that because A&E decided to take these actions so will the government against the pulpit. To stand with a bigot despite you now knowing about his racial remarks AFTER you wrote this article is disheartening.

        I will continue to pray that the heart of Jesus meets us all in this situation.

      • I see your point about speech versus consequence, and that A&E is a private enterprise, but I think, perhaps, you are not noticing what is going on in our country. What about people losing real jobs for holding a Christian position? What about being forced to cater a gay wedding if it violates your conscience? These are real problems and they are a form, not life and death, but a real form of persecution. That is my issue, not Duck Dynasty per se.

  2. You also said nothing about the vulgarities in his statements, I am 100% sure this type of vulgar language found in this GQ interview where he referred to male and female genitalia in obscene and sexist ways is being duplicated in the pulpit of the church. This man wasn’t speaking up the Christian morals and values that I or a majority of the Body of Christ can agree with. If his language is representative of Christ’s values and morals then we are serving a different Christ.

  3. I have been pondering this myself. I agree that his statements were not only in violation of Ephesians, but also of I Peter where we are told to be ready to give an answer but to do it with gentleness and respect. I feel that Phil Robertson did neither of those.
    However, my biggest problem is not with how he said what he believed but the politics and political correctness of the left wing and how they have reacted. Personally, I would have not handled the situation like he did, but….I must stand up for the inconsistency of the liberal agendas as they are trying to get rid of all biblical values.
    So it comes down to two issues: 1) what is Gods view and am I willing to take a stand with that truth and 2) what is the politics and do I believe in freedom of speech.
    I believe in both so I must side with his belief and his rights….even if he stated them wrong.
    (I am not prejudiced because I have never been a DD follower.) 🙂
    Good thoughts!!

  4. No one has ever said that the Robertsons are the perfect family of perfect Christians, they are however the only thing close to a Christian family on TV. Phil was crude, but in comparison to let’s say Miley Cyrus or Jay Z, Phil was very tame. His speech was coarse, and his quotes of the Bible not perfect, but the idea was expressed accurately. Just like happens every 4 years with republicans, the conservatives of this country eat their own, while the liberals don’t care one bit about what skeletons you have in your closet. Sure A&E is a private company, but still it’s an idea… and legal speech is protected from consequences – just try being a Christian owned private company and then fire someone for expressing anti-biblical beliefs on their own time… you will lose big… Christians were to be salt and light, we have stopped being both, and have become good for nothing but being trodden under foot as our Lord taught in Matt.

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