Sorry About That




Through the kind comment of a Christian lady, I became aware of a potentially embarrassing situation. Actually, someone else wrote me a few months ago and I just forgot about it. It turns out that WordPress, the blog company that hosts this blog, shares ads at the bottom of each blog post. I never see those because those with WordPress accounts never have to see ads on any WordPress blog when signed in. I have no idea what ads you have seen!

WordPress states that it does not share ads that are explicit. While that has hopefully been the case, that does not mean that some may not have been beyond the scope of what is personally acceptable to me. Whatever the ad was that the lady who wrote me saw, it was apparently in poor taste. I do not want any ads on my blog that are not in line with my worldview.

Fortunately, after a little research today I was able to discontinue these ads. I am so excited that these ads are now off Reagan Review. While I was at it, I stopped them on my wife’s blog too. She had no idea either.

For readers who have a WordPress blog of your own, go to the store and search for the “No Ads” feature. It is $30 a year and money well spent.

If you have seen an ugly ad on my blog in the past, I am sincerely sorry that happened. God bless!


4 thoughts on “Sorry About That

  1. Glad you were able to get rid of them.

    I would say that everybody should us adblock. It is an extension that works in the Firefox and Chrome browsers. I haven’t seen an ad on my own computers for a long time. It is always shocking to me when I use another computer and I see giant ads on the screen. I forget they exist.

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