Dear Inaccessible Church…..

An issue that every church should think through carefully is whether their facilities, as well as ministry opportunities, are accessible. Do we reach out to the same people Jesus did, or do we require a greater level of wholeness before we want to help them? My wife, Alicia, a paraplegic, writes with passion here asking all pastors and churches to stop ignoring this vital problem.

alicia reagan


Dear Inaccessible Church,

I believe in separation of church and state. I assume most of my readers believe in separation of church and state. As conservatives, we are big promotors against big government and how we do not want them to infringe on our individual rights as citizens.

The ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) was established by the government to provide equal opportunities for those with disabilities. I, for one, am SO thankful!! I am thankful when a door is wide enough that I can get into a building with my family. I am thankful that parking spaces are designated for me so that I can drive myself to a store, get in and out with enough space to get my chair in and out, and not have to have help! I am thankful that I can get in a restroom stall so I won’t have an accident…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Inaccessible Church…..

  1. Unfortunately, my churches building is horribly inaccessible. The area is hilly so there are long steep stairs to access much of the property. We do have an upper parking lot that helps get into the auditorium, but other parts of the property are hard to get too. It is pretty old though, so it is just about impossible to change at this point. We certainly do not have the money for elevators or anything like that.

    I was just thinking about it on Sunday when I help an old gentleman get his walker down a flight of stairs.

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