Another Kind Of Courage– A Book Every Father Needs In A Family With A Disability!

When disability hits the home, men often swirl out of control. More used to doing things where problems get solved and success is measurable, a disability’s sudden arrival in either wife or children means he doesn’t know the way forward. Some men run like the worst sort of coward, but others stay enough though they nearly fall apart. Is there help, guidance, encouragement to make that way forward? I suggest you grab Another Kind Of Courage by Doug Mazza and Steve Bundy.

These two authors are executives with the Joni & Friends organization. More importantly, they were waylaid in life by a child’s disability. They are amazingly transparent, and in admitting their struggles, they lay bare the ones we may face.

In the first several chapters they share how the Lord helped each of them to come to terms with the major change and to step up as the men intended them to be in the unsolvable crisis.

They give helpful thoughts on the inevitable marriage issues that will arise as well as how to handle balance in work and home.

I have never seen a better book to address these issues head on. As a man with a paraplegic wife, I personally recommend this fine book. Every family with a disability needs the father of the crew to read this book. To all my fellow pastors, please put this book in the hands your families that find themselves in the unexpected world of disability. It will counsel where you simply will not know how.


4 thoughts on “Another Kind Of Courage– A Book Every Father Needs In A Family With A Disability!

  1. Did I see an affiliate link on one of your previous posts? If so, do you have an affiliate link for this book? I would like to purchase a copy for our church’s library.

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