Why I Don’t Like What My Husband Writes (IBTR #58)

It was surprising. Some time before I came through and asked my wife Alicia what she was writing and she kind of did not answer. I thought little of it. Later, I came through again and she said I am blogging on “Why I don’t like what my husband writes.” As I said, that was surprising.

Words did not come as that was hard to process. She said, “Is that bad?”

I replied, “No, it sounds catchy.” Real catchy! Then she read it to me.

That is when I realized even more fully just what a dilemma dealing with some of these issues I write on in this Truth Revolution series actually is for some folks. That is not to say, though, that I haven’t dealt with some hard things over people incensed with any rocking of the boat I have contributed to. Still, for those who were raised from birth to accept all thoughts pre-thought for you, this can be unsettling.

Perhaps this explains the many who would agree with me and those others who write on this general subject, yet have little to say about it. They carefully leave no public trail that can be followed to their real opinions. I offer no criticism for it, but I must admit to being rather mystified over it at times.

Perhaps what my wife Alicia feels proves just how hard it is. If you know her, you know that speaking her mind is not a struggle for her. That it would be in this one case shows how griping the tentacles of guilt and how strong the ties nailed down in one’s youngest days are.
Does this not prove something is amiss? If you are afraid of what someone is going to say or do, does not that person have control of you? I say the job is not done until we are free to be who we really are and answer only to Christ. So I re-blog my wife’s transparent article as a fine specimen of what the Truth Revolution series is all about.

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I have a problem. For some time now, my husband has been blogging almost every Tuesday morning about the danger in our Independent Baptist churches. I have grown up Independent Baptist. My husband grew up in a little country Southern Baptist church. I went to an Independent Baptist college. My husband went to the University of Tennessee. We met and married in an Independent Baptist church. We have always served in an Independent Baptist church. I was bred an Independent Baptist while my husband chose to become an Independent Baptist in college. All of my siblings attend an Independent Baptist church. Most of our friends either attend or pastor an Independent Baptist church. So, I am well aware and conversed in the practices and methods of the Independent Baptist.

My husband started telling me years ago, not long after we were married, that he worried for the Independent Baptists. He…

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7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like What My Husband Writes (IBTR #58)

  1. That was deep and I could tell from the heart. I have been an Independent Baptist my whole life. I have in recent months looked at what else exists in the Baptist world out of curiosity. (I will never leave my current church so long as my pastor is alive, but he is about 60 years old now. I do wonder what will happen to my church when he no longer pastors.) When I looked around all I saw was things I wanted nothing to do with. Independent Baptists (small i) are the best of all the churches from what I can tell.

    That said, I would never post here with my full name. There are some people that I know and attend church with that would take a dim view of the things said in this blog. I think they would look at it as gossip or sowing discord rather then an honest discussion of a dying church type. Even saying IFB churches are dying would be looked at badly. However, I am in a church with a good pastor and we are still loosing our young people at an alarming rate. To many of them are running to a local mega church with a well known teacher (he never preaches) and a ton of programs.

    I appreciate the things you say, and I just wish more people read this and more people said these things.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Reagan, for all your posts. As someone who has recently left her IBF church of 40+ years, I can relate to all your thoughts and truths. I appreciate your boldness in pointing out how much you love the IBF movement, but how you are also honest in pointing out the misdirection of so much of the movement. I pray the IBF movement will find God’s grace and love in a new way. Keep speaking the truth.

  3. Thank you BOTH for having the courage to stand against the “internal ROT” that has just about destroyed what was once a wonderful movement. We, too, have faced ALL the dirty tricks and wickedness of those who have supplanted God’s kingdom with their OWN. And publicly thank ALL the wives who stand by the men who have enough guts to do what is RIGHT instead of what is CONVENIENT or EASY.

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