New Blog Look and Domain Name



Look at the picture above for the old look of the blog. I have used that style for a long time, but it is time for a fresh new look. Thanks to my Alicia who has an eye for such things and more technical know how to make it happen for helping me. She will be announcing her own changes for her blog and our old website-watch for her announcement!

The blog is also upgrading to this domain name:

The old address of

will continue to work.

Please note my new email address too:



Here at the threshold of my 300th blogpost, I continue to love blogging. The articles and the reviewing of books is something I so enjoy and thank God for the privilege and the people I have met from doing it. It has been rewarding and I look forward to proceeding with it.

May God bless all the readers! I appreciate you.

6 thoughts on “New Blog Look and Domain Name

  1. I like the new theme, and especially like the photo, and how the sun comes from behind the title–and how the title fades to the light as you scroll up(down). Good job Alicia. 😉

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