I Am So Offended!! (IBTR #78)


I am offended! Now that is certainly the tag line for the last several months in our country for sure. When the bland design of a Starbucks disposable coffee cup erupted into the latest round, I think some people have had enough no matter which side it came from.

My wife was in a fun, animated mood yesterday–a day we got to spend closely together. There were moments here and there to check our Facebook news feed and other news sites as the day went along. I watched, when we finally sat down for a very late lunch, a blog post develop in her mind. It was so good that I wished I had thought of it myself. (That’s a confession of jealousy!)

When she was finished it hit me. What she is writing about for life in general is something this series is trying to say for the Independent Baptist world. We were offended before being offended was cool. We reduced our lives to a postage stamp-sized existence where the smallest of things–a faint beat in a song, a slightly different style of clothes, etc. and etc.–could produce such a level of offense it would better be described as outrage.

I remember around 15 years ago listening to a gushing discussion about a new article entitled “The Death Of Outrage” among some fellow Independent Baptists. To be fair, the article was discussing the big issues that were afflicting our nation that were garnering far too little attention. The problem was that those talking about it figured it the perfect description of why we should outraged over the petty issues we are sometimes famous for. You know, kind of like leaving the abortion protest because the music played at the event was a little too contemporary. Our missing gift is often perspective so we become offended over so much that our offense is meaningless.

So here’s my wife’s article. I hope you will read it and if you are an Independent Baptist I hope you will see us in it too.

I AM SO OFFENDED!!!!!!!!!!! by Alicia Reagan

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One thought on “I Am So Offended!! (IBTR #78)

  1. Alicia:

    Thanks for writing, and here’s a wonderful thought…

    There is only one who has the right to be offended at anything. And that is God the Father, looking from heaven and seeing hearts captivated by sin and deceit and pride that pervert the image of Him in which we were created. And yet He sought it fit to give His Son to take the offense from us and give life afresh to those who believe in Him. This is the highest and most revelatory truth about Him and us and is the basis for our relationship with Him.

    Indeed, He sought it fit to warn us that if anyone “preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”

    Two questions that IFBs (or any Christian for that matter) must ask ourselves are

    1) In our rush to be offended, are we compromising the gospel in any way?
    2) Do we get offended over the right things? We should be offended if the gospel is compromised. Anything else is a far secondary issue.

    I have come to the conclusion for myself that when I stand before the Lord in heaven and come short of the plan that God has had for me, I will not be able to defend myself by saying that I listened to the right music, wore the right things to church, and stayed away from the movie theater. May God protect me from those things if they hurt my ministry in any way.

    But may I not take offense in them or in others that partake in them just for the offense’s sake.

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