Food For Thought On Donald Trump


Donald Trump is a phenomenon that no one saw coming. The best political pundits are aghast on what has happened over the last several months. We were well into the primary season for the 2016 presidential race before anyone figured it out. They missed it so badly that we can’t even take any prediction they make about November seriously.

Still, we all can see it now–people are angry. I see the point of that anger. We’ve been lied to, stabbed in the back, and used. Bernie Sanders is somewhat of the same explanation on the far other side.

Forgive the pastor in me for coming out, but on this subject of anger I have a question. Over the course of your life, how have all the decisions you have made while really mad worked out for you? Well….that’s what I thought. Me too.

As I said, I am a pastor, yet I speak as a private citizen today. All those I pastor can exercise their own personal discernment and do as they please. I love them no matter what and still believe the spiritual far outranks the political. I thank God that we all can still pull the lever for whom we choose even if others near us pull it for somebody else. As a pastor, I would admonish all Christians to run their voting selection by the Lord because at the end of the day, you don’t answer to your pastor or anyone else besides the Lord. Yet in a country that still has free speech for the moment, I will throw in my two cents as a private citizen.

He talks a John Wayne kind of talk (and I love a John Wayne movie) yet his life in no way backs it up. He runs as this great businessman, but he inherited a fortune and has gone bankrupt several times. He won’t release his tax returns, has several failed ventures, and we have no idea where his business acumen has really gotten him, or what it might suggest about him leading our economic decisions.

While Americans, as they say, are notorious for voting their pocketbooks, the economy and jobs are not the biggest issues here. We have a Congress that could kill the best economic proposals anyone could suggest. Congress, whether Mr. Trump admits it or not, will have a say on the Wall and immigration as well. I want a President who will offer the best proposals, but with our Congress it is a roll of the dice at best.

So what is the biggest issue involving Mr. Trump? His character. He brags about his martial infidelities and multiple marriages and is vulgar. I know some other Presidents were both unfaithful and vulgar, but at least they respected me enough to keep it out of my face. Even President Bill Clinton tried to keep Monica Lewinsky a secret. Keeping it a secret was at least a weak attempt to agree that it was sinful behavior. To brag on it is like presidential approval and a giant leap in our downward spiral.

The Bible warns us too that “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways”. How could his position flipflops, sometimes from one day to the next, not give pause to even his most ardent followers? He said he is flexible, and so let’s admit it– we have no real idea of what a President Trump might do.

Finally, there is his narcissistic behavior that shows up in prideful arrogance, pettiness, and vindictiveness. Am I the only one who is especially alarmed by his wanting to expand lawsuit possibilities for those who criticize him, or his attacking journalists who ask hard questions,  or how he talks about his opponents, or even his penchant for revenge? The references to Hitler might not be as far fetched as some assume. I think someone who criticizes him may have more to fear than either an illegal alien jumping a wall or a member of ISIS. This hubris is his most dangerous trait by far.

Let me share a great article from National Review by Mona Cheran that well describes Mr. Trump’s character.

Donald Trump’s Character

My wife, Alicia,  shared another one, this time from a fully Christian perspective:

Donald Trump: Do Character, Morality and Kindness Still Matter?


It likely is too late to stop Donald Trump from securing the Republican nomination, so maybe this is an exercise in too-little-too-late, but I felt I had to say it.

There is the train wreck scenario that we are heading to–a general election of Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. Some of us Christians are going to be in a real catch-22 there. Alicia told me that maybe her conscience wouldn’t allow her to vote for either, even if some complain that failing to vote for Mr. Trump is voting for Mrs. Clinton, but she just wasn’t sure. I hope she figures it out so maybe she can tell me.




20 thoughts on “Food For Thought On Donald Trump

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Thank you mostly for the last paragraph. I’m encouraged to know that someone else feels as I feel. I’ve been really questioning if I would be failing (even with my tiny one person vote) my duty if I couldn’t find it in myself to vote for anyone on the ballot. We are truly in a scary situation but God is still in control. No matter who is president, God is still King.

  2. Good analysis! The “outsider” candidates have tapped into the utter dissatisfaction with BOTH parties. The result of the GOP insiders “bushwacking” The Donald at the convention – a distinct possibility – will also result in a Hillary win.
    The unintended consequences: the end of the GOP as a viable party. The feeling of betrayal will likely result in another party becoming the “opposition”… something the GOP has failed to do.
    I will vote for almost ANYBODY other than Hillary.

  3. Although I can’t find it in myself to consider voting for Trump myself, looking at the situation, I can see it a bit differently. One thing. His rather bauldry side. To be honest, I much prefer that someone be honest about who they are than do what politicians have done in the past, and put on two faces–the choir-boy public face, and the putrid private face. At least Trump is honest and consistent.

    Another point is that people that are following him do not seem to me to be so much angry as they are simply fed up–fed up with the lies and backstabbing–the hegemony that is our political system today–two cookies cut with different cookie cutters, but made from the same dough. This is what has people fed up, and why they are following Trump (and here is one area that I have my concerns–I think he is still part of the system, regardless of his “outsider” status). I can relate to the fed-up attitude. I’m not angry. I’m just fed up at the fakery that is called politics today.

    One point–and I almost fear to say it–in Trump’s favor… When I see a man, one of the first things I look to is to see what he is like as a husband, but also as a father. Trump has utterly failed on the husband side, but as a father, he seems to have been entirely engaged and active in rearing his children, and they all seem to respect him and love him back. To me, this is the one thing that is the hardest to reconcile with the ugly face that the press presents. This leads me to suspect that maybe much of the press is not true. In the few areas I’ve gone and checked, it turned out that the press was exaggerating and twisting facts to fit the narcissist, racist narrative. I don’t plan to vote for Trump, so I haven’t done much digging… It was more a curiosity than anything else, but those few I found make me wonder about the whole thing…

    In any case, I believe that what we are seeing today is comparable to Rome before the Caesars. That should give one pause…

  4. I feel I cannot vote for the lessor of 2 evils I must leave the results up to my Heavenly Father, knowing that He has the final say and expects us to trust His authority over our lives. Reminds me of someone taking the Mark during the tribulation…may be easier for the short time, but has great consequences for eternity.

  5. My 2¢,
    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how any Christian could possibly vote for Trump or Clinton either for that matter. I am neither democrat, republican, or “Christian ” as most would define those words. I am an American by birth, follower of Jesus by choice. I served 8yrs in the Army reserve. I no longer take pride in being an American. We hear all this talk about terrorists and illegal immigration when we, in fact, are by its very definition, terrorists.

  6. Cont.
    We stole this land from Native Americans. We continue to steal and plunder anything and everything we want. We send our children to fight a ” war on terror”.
    Lessor of 2 evils is a cop-out. Write in a candidate, or stand beside someone who stands up for all humans. We are humans, divided by everything. Human lives matter. All of them. Rant over. #feelthebern

  7. God’s permissive will is in play here. Lest we forget that King Henry VIII was a murderous and vile man, yet God used him to bring us the English Bible we have today. And the Scriptures even reveal that God put a lying spirit in the mouth of a prophet to accomplish His will. As a Christian, I thought Jimmy Carter fulfilled every aspect in line with the Scriptures. He publicly professed Jesus Christ, he was faithful to church attendance and was even a Sunday School teacher. Outside of our current president, Carter was one the worst presidents we have ever elected. Moreover, every likes to lift up Reagan and I believe he was a great president, yet he was a Democrat for many years, a member of the Hollywood elite, was hated as the governor of California, was twice married, threatened campus protesters with violent action, hedged on Iran/Contra and listened to a wife who believed in astrology.

    For me, I am not electing a pastor or a church leader. A quick review of history testifies to the many ministers who have fallen due to alcohol, drugs or sexual proclivities; hence, why would I believe that someone outside of the ministry is not subject to make the same mistakes.

    One verse that keeps coming to the forefront of my thoughts is “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” I have to consider the antithesis of that verse. “Yea unto you when every man speaks evil of you.” Trump is being resisted by the RNC and GOP party bosses who just do not like an outsider upsetting business as usual; bottom line: they are protecting their sacred cows (Read money here). The media is resisting him because he does not fit the mold they created to further their political opinions. So-called conservatives are being tested by his lack of being a polished, professional politician.

    Personally, I see him as a win-win candidate. Either he will accomplish everything he has proposed, or he will usher in a political revolution that will put an end to a two-party that has imposed a stranglehold on the American system of politics. I mean, we rail on totalitarian governments that have a one-party system, yet we are only 50% better with our system. We should do much better by eliminating special interests and lobbyists that resist change; change that would be more equitable to “We the people.”

    I had to laugh when I thought about General Patton telling General Walter Bedell “Beetle” Smith how Eisenhower should allow him to destroy the Russian army while they already had the forces in place at the end of WWII. Smith replied, “George you are mad, absolutely mad.”

    Maybe Beetle would tell me the same thing had today I told him that President Obama’s comments on carpet bombing innocent people made more sense than Ted Cruz’s boasting of carpet bombing ISIS into oblivion.

    Carpet bombing never worked in Vietnam, Laos or Iraq. Moreover, bombs do not distinguish between combatants and innocent civilians. Jesus don’t like killin’ no matter what the reasons for…and your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore.

  8. The Legacy Of Carpet Bombing

    In total the U.S. dropped more than 270 million cluster bomblets, or “bombies,” on Laos as well as four million big bombs. Possibly 80 million of the bombies didn’t explode on impact and are still considered live. Up to 10 percent of all the big bombs also failed to explode.

    During the bombing the mountain minorities of Laos suffered horribly. In the end it no longer mattered what side you took. The bombs didn’t distinguish between communists and anticommunists any more than they distinguished between soldiers and children. Many places remain so littered with (un)exploded ordnance (UXO) that it’s impossible to farm there. Every year Laotians are killed or maimed as they try to salvage the UXO’s for scrap metal or remove them in order to farm the land.

    In Laos when the temperature goes below about 70 degrees, people start pulling on their coats and hats and lighting fires, which ignites the season of death. One New Year’s Eve three friends in Xiangkhouang Province went camping. It got cold that night, so they started a fire. One was killed when a UXO buried under their campsite exploded. Another was terribly maimed.
    Every bomb was made in America and put there by Americans. How could seemingly rational people, Americans like you and me, imagine they could win the war in Vietnam by subjecting Laos to such indiscriminate destruction?

    Ted Cruz’s program for stopping ISIS is “Carpet Bombing” them into oblivion. He has no comprehension of ordinance or even history. The same program did not bring an end to the war in Vietnam, nor will it do so in the Middle East. If elected president Cruz will leave a legacy of continual death and destruction to those who remain after the Carpet Bombing ceases; just as it continues for the people in Laos.

    Cruz professes to be a Bible believer, but like so many he has no concept of what the Scriptures teach us. Plain and simple: Jesus don’t like killin’ no matter what the reasons for.

    You can stop ISIS without firing a shot or dropping the first bomb.

    • Interesting thoughts. I am by no means a carpet bombing expert, but I did just read an article this morning that said ISIS bombing is not carpet bombing because they have bases that make for well defined targets. I couldn’t really say much more except that I’ve read some are saying this line of reasoning is an attack from the left.

      • Jimmy, bombing people is an attack from the sky…not from the right or left.

        Bottom line:
        Jesus don’t like killin’
        No matter what he reasons for
        And your flag decal
        Won’t get you into heaven anymore

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