The Bathroom–The Surprising Foundation That Collapsed


I know you’ve already made your mind up. I realize that even if you ignore a lot of current events, you have not ignored this one. If you wanted to not think about it, a store like Target where we have all shopped at some point throws the issue into our faces and now you know that you simply can’t.

I’ve been thinking about it for days. It was akin to thinking about a stomach bug, but still I’ve been thinking. I’ve been listening too. I’ve genuinely wanted to hear what others have said as well. I have especially been intrigued  to hear what women think about it. I have hung on every word my wife Alicia has had to say about it. ( I sit here watching her be unable to stay awake because of medication following surgery and find myself overly introspective). Then I found myself wanting to hear what other husbands and fathers say about dealing with it. I am a Bible-believing Christian so I have an easy time determining that gender-neutral bathrooms are immoral, but I’m struggling thinking about the implications of it all.

My confidence in my Lord is unmoved and I know He is not shaken by what might shake me. Still, I’m not going to use bad theology to help myself cope. My loving Lord has chosen to not intervene on several massive issues over the last two years and I see no evidence that He will in this case. My God is good, and loving to me, whether my country stands or falls. In fact, I assure you the two are not related.

We are often accused of getting carried away in some of these issues, but this is one of the foundations the righteous lament seeing crumble. Plus it’s like fixing a non-problem. We’ve been able to go to the bathroom in separate facilities for ages with little incident.

Conclusions We Can Draw

1. This issue is here to stay.

Like many others, I had a good feeling when I signed the petition against Target as well as calling their corporate offices to register my disapproval of their new Bathroom Policy. (For the record I am not going to shop at Target anymore and I don’t care who cancels a concert in North Carolina!) But let’s be realistic. Tonight it’s becoming clear as primary election results come in that the nominee for each political party will be pro gender-neutral bathroom. One will nominate liberal Supreme Court justices while the other will likely flip and give us liberal judges too just as he flipped on this bathroom issue. That doesn’t bode well for all the mammoth issues of the last two years.

2. Women and little girls will be violated.

Men have already been caught photographing ladies in public bathrooms. We who said that it would happen hardly waited two days to hear reports confirming our fears.

3. Violence will grow.

Many of us who have a chance will stop our wives and daughters from being violated. Some will relish the violence as an outlet to their rage for this abusive, outrageous change. I am a Christian trying to figure out how I will do this without damaging my testimony. I pray for wisdom and take no pleasure in violence, but I will not allow a man to walk into the bathroom with my wife or daughters.

4. I am not going to yield to this ungodly political tide even if it washes me out to sea.

The pressure is growing daily. The political narrative has totally left reality. The line between sanity and lunacy is now as blurred as the one between the men and women’s restroom. I want to stay on record for what I believe as well:

a. Gender is not a real concept.

The Lord decides your sex. Let me define it for the non-Christians: your chromosomes determine your sex. There isn’t a person on earth who can change that reality either. You can become a homosexual, you can have a sex-change procedure, and you can tell yourself and the world otherwise, but you will have the same number of chromosomes you were born with.

b. You waking up and deciding you’re a woman is not worthy of being recognized.

I can wake up and decide I have a full head of hair, but when you see me I will still be a bald-headed man. For that matter, if I put on a toupee, I will still be a bald-headed man! Imagination does not alter reality.

c. My wife and daughters has as many rights as a “trans-gendered” person.

That means you don’t have a right to steal from their rights to increase yours. It is immoral to rob their rights and freedoms to gain “special” rights for you. Special rights always come at the expense of the natural rights of someone else.

d. This change is catastrophic even if a person who had a sex-change was already in the wrong bathroom.

I look at this point practically. Maybe a man who has had a sex-change procedure has already been in a public bathroom with my wife or daughters. If a man has already gone through that radical physical change, I assume that he has proven he is not attracted to women. That is not to say that he is right before God, but in a hostile environment I will at least maintain safety.

e. The Lord is holy and His Word is true and a hyper politically-correct age can not change it.

I will not call evil good no matter the pressure. I don’t hate anyone and would love every trans-gendered person to fill the emptiness of his or her soul with Jesus Christ.

There are many things I can’t change, but I can stop those things from changing me. I have as a role model my unchanging Lord!



8 thoughts on “The Bathroom–The Surprising Foundation That Collapsed

  1. I stopped patronizing Target 20 years ago because I saw issues in their customer service management team so I am not surprised that they jumped on the gender neutral bandwagon. And the proper way to express one’s objection to gender neutral restrooms is to simply avoid them. The same holds true for alcohol, tobacco, illegal and prescription drugs, gluttony, slothfulness, lying, stealing, cheating, etc.

    So how did we get here? What is in play here is a continual exposure to sexual references. More than one third of popular songs contain explicit or strongly implied references to sexual activity. Sexual themes and overt sexual activity abound in movies and on television. Newspapers, magazines, books and the Internet are other venues where one is exposed to sexual themes.

    And there will be IFB’s who adamantly state, “We don’t watch TV or go to movies or listen to contemporary music.” In my 56 years as a Bible believing Christian, being a pastor, a missionary and an evangelist, I have met maybe 10 people who could honestly claim that statement.

    So what about the other 99.9% of Bible believing Christians? We just don’t look in the mirror and see ourselves. It is always easier to compare ourselves to others and escape the reality of where we fall short. I sat in an IFB camp meeting and listened to 3 hours of preaching on sexual sins and then they loaded up the church bus for an afternoon outing. We went to a ball game where the cheerleaders came into the stands and paraded around the field. Do I need to explain how they were dressed or how they teased the audience with suggestive sexual antics? Most in our group laughed and were accepting of the cheerleaders, but no church members ordered beer or smoked or chewed…so they get a pass? We don’t smoke and we don’t chew and we don’t go with those who do. But you will cheer on your favorite sports heroes who do smoke and chew and drink and fornicate and abuse their wives and girlfriends. And you wonder why we have sexual abuse, human trafficking and sexually transmitted epidemics? Look in the mirror.

    Look, I fully understand Romans Chapter One. I live in a country that has a proliferation of LGBT’s and when they ask me what I think about sexual issues, my answer is, “It doesn’t matter what I think, it only matters what the Scriptures tell us.” It gives me an opportunity to read from the Scriptures and plant the seeds of change.

    And we have gender neutral streets and alleys here. Why? Because public restrooms are virtually non-existent. Not a day goes by that on my walk to the main highway to avail public transportation I will pass by someone urinating along the roadside. During my first year here such occurrences frustrated me and touched my judgmental psyche. Thank God for discernment! After salvation, I believe discernment is a gift that is the key to unlocking the spiritual truths in the Scriptures. To whit, on a 5 hour trip in a 15 passenger van (public transportation) I had to use the gender neutral roadside. Nobody in the van took a picture of me or even paid attention to me. Be glad that you even have access to public restrooms in developed nations.

    Rights? God focuses on human responsibilities. We are responsible to enforce justice and extend mercy. If everyone concentrated on what they are supposed to do, rights would never enter the conversation. We would receive what we need. No one is forcing us to use a gender neutral restroom. Discernment? You need to use a restroom? Stop at a service station, buy a few bucks of gas and ask for the key.

    Run, the sky is falling! Have we fallen into a pattern of looking for the next new thing as if it were actually a new thing? FYI….according to the Scriptures…there is no new thing under the sun. From the beginning there have been homosexuals, rapists, sexual deviants and even transgenders. Why were there eunuchs? Simple. It was common for kings, princes and great men to have such persons as guards over their wives, to preserve their chastity. Do you really think a homosexual or transgender is going to rape your wife or daughter? Think again. Statistics clearly show that overwhelming majority of sexual attacks and deviant sexual behaviors are perpetrated by heterosexual, white males. Sadly, even within the church where I was ordained had to deal with a young man who was inappropriately touching young children when helping out in junior church. Moreover, countless have been the times that pastors and members have contacted me asking for counsel on how to deal with such occurrences. How man heterosexual, white male pastor do you know that have committed sexual sins?

    In the final analysis, politics can never resolve sin. And if you think that God endorses a man-made institution, you would be wrong. Do you remember Paul’s campaign for the Roman senate? Paul was a highly educated man, great orator, staunchly conservative, worked the delegates, church member and a citizen of Rome. Paul won by a landslide! Yes, it is satire to make a point. Politics are not God’s commission to us. Any pastor or evangelist or missionary that uses the pulpit to endorse or dismiss a political candidate should be removed from their position leadership. A house of worship must remain politically-neutral, not a place of business/politics. The church is an institution from God, politics are a institution from man.

    Gender neutral restrooms, Target, Starbucks, etc. are way down on my list of things that would cause me fail in redeeming the precious time given to me by God. We know what to do. Let’s redeem the time and win the lost to Christ, for when we do that all of the time-consuming issues that so easily beset us will diminish.

    • You covered a lot of territory and I am glad you shared your thoughts on here. You asked: “Do you really think a homosexual or transgender is going to rape your wife or daughter? ” Maybe not, but this law makes it easier for the heterosexual to come in the women’s bathroom parading as a transgender and rape, etc. You also discussed your dislike of the concept of rights, but my article is also about responsibility–my responsibilities to my wife and daughters.

      • I agree that the potential for heterosexual men to violate the privacy of our wives and daughters should be at the top of the list. Of course, the other side of the issue would be those heterosexual women who would use gender-neutral restrooms to peer at sons and husbands.

        In the final analysis, such voyeurs have always existed. Men sitting in close proximity to the ladies dressing room in a department store, hoping to catch a peek or college women that put a remote camera in the men’s dorm or high school boys who place small round mirrors atop their penny loafers to look underneath the girls skirts.

        As I said previously, politics has never, and never will, solve the ills of any nation. Our time, you know we are commanded to redeem it, would be better spent bringing lost folks to Jesus and helping believers to remain steadfast and stay in the race.

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