I’ve Written My First Book

I’ve wanted to write for some time, but have told almost no one. I have a few things in the pipeline, but this first title is on an underappreciated title of the OT–Obadiah. Though little, Obadiah has an incredible message to share with us.

We did the book through createspace.com, an Amazon company, and I am pleased with the product they put out. That attractive cover was designed by my wife Alicia and she helped in many ways. I also owe a lot to my children for especially encouraging me on this project. I dedicated the book to Alicia and my children.

The book is sold online directly through Amazon and here is the link:

Obadiah by Jimmy Reagan

If you live near me, I have a few copies on hand I can sell myself. I also plan to offer it soon as an e-book for those who favor that option. I have to figure out the technology at Amazon first.

To tell you the truth, I’m a little nervous about this project. I’m no where near a known author and have no idea if anyone will even want to read it. Still, I offer it and pray it will be a blessing to those who study God’s Word.

God bless,


12 thoughts on “I’ve Written My First Book

  1. Jimmy- I’ve published my wife’s books, including on the Kindle. If you want help, I’m here. And I’m looking forward to reading the book. 🙂

    • Thanks! There’s a company that works in conjunction with Createspace.com and Amazon that is supposed to do it through Kindle. I’m drowning in the details on that one. Is it best to make as an e-book outside of Kindle too? That is all over my head!

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