Help Me Predict This Election!

I know we can’t get our minds off this election, but I have thought of a diversion. It seems many, especially Christians, are getting angry at each other for not seeing the obvious. That seems to be the viewpoint of both Trump supporters and Never Trumpers. We are accusing each other of awful things for not seeing it as we do. People like me who are having trouble deciding ( to vote for Trump or write-in)  are thought by both sides as just plain dumb. There will be a lot of needed healing and fence mending among Christians after this election is over for sure.

Maybe we should admit that at this late stage not many are going to be persuaded, but we could from all points on the spectrum, make predictions and share our logic. If you’re like me, you’re not feeling too confident in your political pronogstications as the previous few years results have been bewildering on so many levels. Still, let’s take a stab at it!

They are four main possibilities that I will outline and you can predict from there. To help your predictions you might want to glance at to help you decide.

Four Possibilities For The 2016 Election

1. A Big Victory For Hillary Clinton

When I say big, I’m thinking at least by the margin Obama took in the electoral college in 2012. This is the conventional wisdom out there by pundits as so many polls have turned south on Trump.

2. A Narrow Victory For Clinton

It boils down to the battleground states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, etc. Trump will win some, but not quite enough to pull it off.

3. A Narrow Victory For Trump

Again, it’s about those battleground states and Trump is going to gain just enough.

4. A Big Victory For Trump

I’m on record for not being impressed with either candidate, but it is intreaging to consider one possibility that not many are suggesting. Trump support may be highly under reported. That would stem from dishonesty of pollsters as many Trump supporters believe, or from another possibility that is less discussed. If you followed the BREXIT vote recently in England, you know that polls reported until the very day of the vote that Britain’s exit from the EU would be easily defeated. When the results came in, it was easily passed. While you might assume pollster dishonesty in that case ( even though polls that are far from correct lose credibility in the next election), there did seem to be genuine surprise when the results came in. What seems to be the explanation is that apparently because of pressure and political correctness many did not feel comfortable stating how they really felt. When they got all alone behind that voting curtain, they took out their frustrations and voted yes.

There’s a lot of frustrated people in our country. Some might not want the criticism or even the workplace trouble for sharing how they really feel, but alone in that voting booth they will hold nothing back. That will make for many shocks if it happens. It’s a long shot, but in the realm of possibilities I think.

What Do You Predict?

I think the most likely result (that I don’t like either) is that it will fall between # 1 and 2.

I’d love to hear your prediction in the comments below! Maybe I will even tally the results in the days ahead. Don’t give your hoped-for result, but your actual prediction. I can’t wait to hear what everyone say.

13 thoughts on “Help Me Predict This Election!

  1. I will pick number 4. I believe the anger Americans feel at the system and the actions of the government and the courts in the past few years is far underrated. I also believe the media is being dishonest about everything in order to make sure of a Hillary victory.

  2. Solid Victory for Trump. May not be “big” in the grand scheme of things, but I know very few people who are Hillary supporters. On my facebook friends list, 52 have “liked” Trumps page and 7 have “liked” Clinton’s page. Not very scientific but may be indicative.

  3. Since you can’t believe ANYTHING the news media says ..ill predict Trump they have never once said that he is ahead and I just don’t believe that.

  4. Ok so I will throw the 5th possible result out there … third party candidate wins Utah and New Mexico. That is enough electoral college will not have enough votes for any candidate to have the 274 number needed to win and the presidency is decided by the House of Representatives

  5. Bro Reagan,

    My prediction is that it will be number 2 or 3 above. That primarily has to do with my belief that elections are rigged wherever they are electronic. Your readers can look at my comment on your article ‘To Trump or Not to Trump’ to watch a video about electronic voting fraud.

    My original question still remains: Why do we Christians involve ourselves in electing people whose character God hates?

    In Christ,

    I Samuel 12:24

    • We involve our selves because we are commanded to be salt and light to the world. Remember that the puritian leaders wished to establish a biblical city on the hill. The only way for Christians to achieve that is to be involved. The character problem is not just with our leaders in government. Too many Christian leaders have turned from the Bible’s teachings and have gotten their character out of joint with God.

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