Announcement: 2 More of My Books Are Now Published!

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This book is designed for those who want to learn to study the Bible. Filled with charts to aid understanding, the book is laid out in the order I taught a class. It makes an emphasis on arriving at a proper interpretation before jumping into application. Sadly, many pastors are skimping on careful methods for handling the text of God’s Word. This book is offered as an antidote.

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This book covers the precious, but little known Pilgrim Psalms (120-134). They are a fascinating guide to coming to God’s presence.

Dr. Scott Pauley says, “This is a book to read with your Bible open. You will find that these amazing Psalms serve as a road map for the journey we are all on. As an evangelist who spends a great deal of time in travel these “Pilgrim Psalms” have become very special to me. Pastor Jimmy Reagan has been used of God to help them come alive in my heart. I recommend this resource to you and hope you will share it with other travelers along your journey!”

Pastor Tom Otto says, “Pastor Jimmy Reagan’s study on Psalms 120-134 in the book “The Pilgrim Psalms Our Pilgrimage to God’s Presence” is wonderful. As we travel with the Old Testament pilgrims on their pilgrimage to Jerusalem, we quickly see the parallels of their journey to our own journey. Each of these psalms are thoroughly examined, explained, and applied to the modern day Christian. As a pastor, I was reminded of the seriousness of my personal journey as it relates to those journeying with me. A great study for an individual, a Sunday School class, men’s group or ladies’ group. I would highly recommend this and all of Pastor Reagan’s works.”

I’ve come to really enjoy writing and appreciate all those who have encouraged me along the way.

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What Mohler Said About Reading

Here’s a fantastic article on reading by Albert Mohler (link below).  I really could not say it any better than he did. Notice how he describes how he encourages reading in several areas. Of course he reads Bible study materials (this is particularly true for pastors), but other categories are helpful for our reading diet. He specifically adds history and literature, which I agree is a great idea. 

He have several other good points on reading including marking up your books. That practice has been a help to me as well. 

I love reading. It is more than a hobby. It is an enrichment of life. It is a lens to make more sense out of life. It is a way to define you and make you a better person. Happy reading.

Albert Mohler’s Article