Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits!

The future of blogs, bloggers, and the entire blogosphere is unknown, but changes are inevitable. The newness is surely gone. Blogs on every subject have proliferated ad nauseam. For every post that is enjoyable there is its evil twin a click away. People, with so many options, are more selective.

Then there are cycles. Trends reverse and people may enjoy getting information from other sources. Who knows, books might make a comeback!

Bloggers grow weary too. There are the posts that burn inside until they must come out while there are others that come because it’s time for another post before the blog falls off the radar. This problem is not, of course, unique to bloggers; every type of writer faces it over the years.

Couple the natural tendencies of writers with the swirling changes of our day and, again, the future of blogs are not easily predicted.

Enter a blogpost written by Tim Challies that I want to re-blog here to give us food for thought. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits –Click to read it.

BTW, I still like blogging so I will continue to clutter the blogosphere!


New Blog Look and Domain Name



Look at the picture above for the old look of the blog. I have used that style for a long time, but it is time for a fresh new look. Thanks to my Alicia who has an eye for such things and more technical know how to make it happen for helping me. She will be announcing her own changes for her blog and our old enjoyingtherideministries.com website-watch for her announcement!

The blog is also upgrading to this domain name:


The old address of 


will continue to work.

Please note my new email address too:




Here at the threshold of my 300th blogpost, I continue to love blogging. The articles and the reviewing of books is something I so enjoy and thank God for the privilege and the people I have met from doing it. It has been rewarding and I look forward to proceeding with it.

May God bless all the readers! I appreciate you.

Sorry About That




Through the kind comment of a Christian lady, I became aware of a potentially embarrassing situation. Actually, someone else wrote me a few months ago and I just forgot about it. It turns out that WordPress, the blog company that hosts this blog, shares ads at the bottom of each blog post. I never see those because those with WordPress accounts never have to see ads on any WordPress blog when signed in. I have no idea what ads you have seen!

WordPress states that it does not share ads that are explicit. While that has hopefully been the case, that does not mean that some may not have been beyond the scope of what is personally acceptable to me. Whatever the ad was that the lady who wrote me saw, it was apparently in poor taste. I do not want any ads on my blog that are not in line with my worldview.

Fortunately, after a little research today I was able to discontinue these ads. I am so excited that these ads are now off Reagan Review. While I was at it, I stopped them on my wife’s blog aliciareagan.wordpress.com too. She had no idea either.

For readers who have a WordPress blog of your own, go to the store and search for the “No Ads” feature. It is $30 a year and money well spent.

If you have seen an ugly ad on my blog in the past, I am sincerely sorry that happened. God bless!


2013–The Year In Review

2013 is rushing to a close! If you are like me, you often catch yourself thinking the years run a little faster than they once did. It is like they are in a race, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to win. If you and I can live a few more days, we will get the clear canvas of a new year. Perhaps that is exciting because even as we do the final brush strokes on this year’s portrait, we are ever reminded that it is never quite the masterpiece we had hoped. Another shot is the thrill of another chance. The greater spiritual truth, for one who loves Jesus Christ, is that we can do nothing without Him. The blemishes of our portrait are always from a stubborn independence of Him. You know that is true as He never has a blemish left behind a stroke of the brush wielded by His hand. Come to think of it, that is an encouraging thought.

The year has brought quite a change for the Reagan family. I knew this time last year that the Lord was leading us away from a ministry in West Union, Ohio in a church with a people we had grown to deeply love. We left in June to live a transition time in Tennessee. I still think of those people in West Union often. I guess there is a deep bond in the shepherding entailed in being a pastor. I am so thrilled my friend, Jamin Boyer, carries on there and the people are in good hands. It is good to have forever friendships that remain from a place that got almost 10 years of your life. One of the chief glories of being a Christian is that Christ and the future promises He has given us has defanged goodbye.

This transition time has been, in some measure, exactly what we thought it might be. A time to recharge on the one hand and a time to live by faith on the other. My Alicia told me that we had never had a moment to catch our breath in ministry when her paralysis changed our lives in 2009. She loved Ohio too but thought if a change was coming maybe the Lord would give us both a rest. Besides living outside of daily ministry, we were blessed by the Lord to land at Faith Baptist Tabernacle in Jamestown, Tennessee, pastored by Fred Allred. The people there are bighearted like their pastor and they have ministered to us. The Lord sure knows how to write a story, doesn’t He?

As for the living by faith, I worked during this time and we have made it well. There were two or three times where things were very difficult and the Lord came through in miraculous ways. The Lord is good–what an understatement! The funny thing is being a Christian for as long as I have and still be in need of such tests of faith. The Lord’s perfect record of keeping me is still intact. My perfect record of not having flawless faith is too.

This transition time has been good, but the fire is burning in my bones. I think all the time of pastoring again. Timing is always the Lord’s domain, and I await assignment from the headquarters in Heaven. By the way, I am talking to a wonderful church now with real possibilities. Prayers are appreciated.

Reagan Review, my blog here, has gone well. My enjoyment ever grows in writing on the blog. The series, Independent Baptist Truth Revolution, has gone beyond my wildest expectations. People are reading and I pray that the Lord will use it for positive change. It is the kind of thing that naturally will not be liked by everyone. Though I always favor peace over war, personal acceptance is not a worthy life goal. Some causes are worth personal hits. Nothing worthwhile has ever come any other way. My life, or my cause within Christianity, is advocating that the Word of God have the proper place in ministry. Preaching the Bible will revolutionize churches I truly believe.

In the coming year, I plan to keep this series going. I have a long list of ideas to write on even though a weekly article is a challenge. Pray no one shoots me! Thanks to all those who have shared the articles and helped it get out!

A few more articles on “Books On The Ministry” are coming too. Then, I want to start a series on recommended books for each book of the Bible. That will be much easier to do when I have my library set up again. A few folks have asked me about doing that and commentaries make up one of the largest parts of my library.

I pray we all have blessed and useful year for our Lord coming up in 2014. Thanks, as always, for reading. God bless!

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Blog News and Reagan Family Update for November 2013

On occasion I just want to pause and thank every one who reads my blog. There are so many good articles online that for anyone to take a moment to read posts here is humbling.

I want to announce a series that I will be beginning soon–an Independent Baptist Truth Revolution! . There are issues on my heart that I feel must be addressed even if they are painful. I may be banished to the dog house, but I am going there! Watch for it if the Independent Baptist world is of interest to you. I plan to release one article every Tuesday morning.

The Books on the Ministry series is up to 9 posts and 31 books reviewed so far. You can find a complete list here in this Introductory blogpost.

We also appreciate the prayers that many are praying for our family in this time of transition. We were talking to a church in Maryville, Tennessee that has wonderful people, but the Lord had other plans for that situation. We trust it was the best.

We are now talking to a few other churches about a pastorate and are trusting the Lord here too. He has never failed our family and His perfect will is what we seek. Those prayers are still appreciated though. I am still working and preaching on occasion too. Alicia and our children are well. We thank the Lord for His incredible kindness and care! God bless….


The Year In Review For Reagan Review–2012

2012This is my first full year of blogging as I began in November 2011 with a Blogspot blog of the same name. I came over to WordPress this year and have loved it. For the record, I love blogging. My Alicia got into it well before I did, but it is now a big part of both our lives. I originally just wanted to do new book reviews, but now I open my mouth on several things. I’ve sought for calmness, Christian grace, and love when sharing what I believe though some might strongly disagree with what I am saying.

It’s trial and error trying to figure how a blog works. I’ll mention what posts did the best, but I should confess that a few posts were duds. Apparently, not all Reagan Review posts are created equal. I still love doing the new book reviews, but it is the book itself that decides how well those post gets read. As for all the other posts, well I guess it is choice of material. One thing I learned from my veteran-blogger Alicia is first just write what is on your heart. That is most important and everything thing else must take care of itself.

Having said that, hot topics still get read the most. My article after the Jack Schaap  disaster (Tsunami) was far and away the most read. I did not see that coming at all. It did reveal that something was going on in too many places and people were happy to hear it addressed.

The next most read article was on Dress Standards. I knew a few wouldn’t like it, but I only meant it for honesty and clarity. The response again was overwhelming. I was shocked about how many agreed with the position I took. I didn’t see that coming either. I’m sad that a handful misunderstood what I was trying to accomplish, but since my conscience is clear about that matter, and because of the many who wrote thanking us, I’m glad I wrote it.

Other such articles that were more widely read were on subjects like Gay Marriage and a few others around the election. I will not sink to writing only on controversial subjects to get hits. When something in that category is on my heart, I will write it, but never just to get traffic. I feel passionate about others things too that simply are not as interesting to people (like preaching and other ministry topics), but I will write on that as well.

Another topic that is well read on here is when I write about my Alicia or disability. Again, disability is our new life, now almost 4 years, and frankly it has changed our lives in my so many ways. I wish I could say I have handled every part of it perfectly, but I have not. While I have loved and cared for her deeply, I have failed her many times. We still haven’t arrived, but we are committed to working through every challenge no matter how difficult. I find myself often having learned and then having more to learn. I correct and find more to correct. Still, I am an incredibly blessed man. See (Is She My Tool Or My Treasure?) or for disability (My Visit To The Disabled World). I also had the privilege to guest blog on Alicia’s blog (The Woman I Love) last February.

The other day I had someone address how you can come across as an expert who has it all together when you write on things like blogs. I really hope I never come across that way. If any reader ever thought it, they were sadly mistaken. I have written about the ministry because I so want to honor the Lord and I have ideas about what it ought to be. I have written about marriage and fatherhood because I so want to succeed despite a flawed record, not because I have attained the greatest heights. Alicia likens our blogging to a tracing of our journey. It is a journey of highs and lows and massive doses of the grace of God. Our only commendable trait is not in the impressive nature of the journey but in our dogged determination to keep going even when we run a wheel off in the ditch as we sometimes do. The most obvious thing we see ever more vividly is the Lord’s gracious deliverance, patience, love, and guidance as we go along.

So I am excited as I have ever been to come into a new year. This year had some personal bumps that I don’t particularly want to discuss, but a new year is a fresh start. I thank the Lord for the privilege as not everyone is coming into this New Year with us. Instead of a list of resolutions (though I imagine such a list would not be hard to come up with), I just want more of Christ this year. And I want Him to have more of me. And in the areas I have written about the most, I pray He helps me as a husband, father, friend, and pastor.

So to my readers I say thank you. I treasure every encouraging word that has come my way. I pray the Lord gives each of you a wonderful new year in 2013.

Happy New Year!

Great Blogs You Ought Know About

There’s many worthwhile blogs out there these days. Some with outstanding content.

I’d like to introduce you to Partners For The Gospel (P4G). It’s the brainchild of Pastor Patrick Nix that he modeled after the Gospel Coalition blog. It puts out new content every day. I’ve been honored to be a contributor, but it’s not just pastors writing there. You’ll find a variety that gives a broader perspective. The blog has gotten off to a good start. I’d recommend you check it out!

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about a new blog for ladies called Living On PB & J. The idea for it was born with our friend Joy Boyer who has had her own blog for some time called The Boyer Story. They have quite a collection of wives and mothers contributing on there including my wife Alicia. I’m not reading it myself (except my own Sweetie’s articles) since it’s for ladies, but I’m seeing it all over Facebook. They must be having a good time on there.

I came across a blog I’m already enjoying following called The Christian Pundit. Several people I know shared an article about the importance of whom you marry for daughters. It was really good. After I looked into it, the blog turned out not to be a ladies blog, but one put out by a husband-and-wife team named William and Rebecca VanDoodewaard. Together they put out a broad range of helpful material. They are great writers and I look forward to following them in the future on this very well-done blog.

Additionally, I’d like to tell you about a blog by a great friend of mine called Philippians216.blogspot.com. It’s by Pastor Mike Montegomery. He’s had the blog for a while mostly writing little things for his church, but now he’s tackling larger subjects with great insights. He’s really been on a roll!

Finally, if you know me, you probably know who my favorite blogger is. This blogger often writes her blog posts in the late evening while lying beside me. Her blog is in no way a ladies-only blog as she writes on many things through her unique eyes. Of course love would compel me to love her blog no matter what, but I genuinely love her writing. She sets the bar high when I go to write an entry for Reagan Review! The other day she wrote an exceptionally good one that epitomized her style called Rubbernecking.

There’s many worthwhile blogs out there competing to be read in our busy lives. Thanks for reading Reagan Review!

And The Winner Is…

Pastor Jerry Thrower

Congratulations Pastor Thrower. You won a free copy of “Healing Your Church Hurts” by Stephen Mansfield” from the publisher. Please send me your mailing address.I assigned each entrant a number (plus assigning any extra entries a person doing one of the things that qualified a separate number) and used an online random number generator to select the winner.

A big thanks to all who participated.

Since the review for the book “Healing Your Church Hurts”, I have written reviews for 2 volumes from different publishers that some of you might find interesting:

“The Jesus We Missed” http://reaganreview.blogspot.com/2012/02/jesus-we-missed-by-reardon-book-review.html

and “How To Read The Bible Through The Jesus Lens” http://reaganreview.blogspot.com/2012/02/jesus-we-missed-by-reardon-book-review.html

It’s worked out that I will be reviewing a few titles for Kregel and possibly Baker. These publishers publish some of the better Bible study books out there. These, with the others I’m working with, should provide me some great books I will in turn be able to tell you about in the days ahead. I still have some other blogs that I mentioned earlier that I will be putting on too. I intend to provide some more blogs from guest bloggers too.

Again, thank you for your support.

Drawing For A Free Book

Please enter a drawing for a free copy of “Healing Your Church Hurt” by Stephen Mansfield recently reviewed on the blog here: http://reaganreview.blogspot.com/2012/02/healing-your-church-hurt-book-review.html The publishers, Barna an imprint of Tyndale Publishers, have provided me a free certificate that I will mail  to you which you can redeem for the free book.You can enter by simply responding with a comment to this blog post saying “Enter me” or letting me know privately by email. You will be given additional chances in the drawing by stating that you 1) Told someone who might like books or other pastors about this blog (Honor system –I don’t have to know who you told), 2) Like “The Reagan Review” on Facebook, or 3) become a follower of the blog if you have a google email account or just follow by email if you don’t. You can let me know about #2 or #3 even if you have already been following for a while.

Please respond by 12 Noon, Thursday, March 1, 2012. I will notify the winner to get your mailing address at that time.

Best Wishes,

Thanks To Those Following My Blog

For anyone who is either a follower of my blog or likes “Reagan Review” on Facebook, I appreciate it. For anyone who has or will do so today, I would like to send you a pdf file of a chart entitled “Money In The Gospels”. It takes every type of money mentioned in the Gospels and describes their value in modern day amounts. This can make things like Judas’ 30 pieces of silver or the talents in the Parable of the Talents more understandable. Alicia took my hand drawn chart and made it a sharp looking chart created on Publisher. Just email me or send a facebook message.Thanks again.