book fjg

This book seeks to help the Bible student grasp the uniqueness of the Gospels by highlighting their geographic and chronological details along with the special teaching methods used by Jesus.

It’s filled with charts like the one found here.

It’s handy size is compatible to carry and do special study on all kinds of elements of the Gospels like Parables, sermons, miracles, personal encounters, and much more.

Dr. Scott Pauley says, “Jimmy Reagan has done a wonderful job of compiling a great deal of information in a very concise format. The charts make this volume extremely useful. I believe it will serve as a good quick reference for those who are serious about studying the life of Christ.”

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book obadiah

Here is my first book. Others are planned and will be added here when available.

This small prophecy speaks to our lives where we live: 1) Our struggle with pride 2) Our suffering from enemies 3) Our misconceptions about God The Book of Obadiah has something to say even if most Christians know little about it. It does not obscure the fact of judgment, yet it gladly proclaims the future glory of those who are Christ’s own. Written from a Pastor’s heart, this volume seeks to open up Obadiah for today’s Christian.

Pastor Mike Montgomery says, “My dear friend Jimmy Reagan has published a short commentary on the book of Obadiah that I would recommend to all. It is accessible to every Christian reader and what is more it addresses the sin of pride that is in each of us. As you read the pages of this book you will be convicted and challenged and you will fall in love with the book of Obadiah. As a side note I really appreciated the bibliography.”

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