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  1. Brother Reagan:
    First, let me thank you for your Biblical stand. These things are very difficult to deal with. I’m a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College (B.S. 1975). I remember when the “Hyles thing” blew up.
    I was asked where I “stood” with regard to Jack Hyles. My answer was that I don’t “stand” anywhere (for or against). I knew preachers were choosing sides, without a tear shed for the damage to the cause of Christ in our nation and movement. I wasn’t well liked because I believed First Baptist of Hammond should take care of its own disciplining problems. I still believe that is the correct and Biblical view.
    Schaap’s sin is now public, as you noted. I hope there are enough Bible-believing brethren out there who will pray for his repentance and restoration.
    Perhaps there is a hidden blessing, despite the sin and shame. Perhaps it will cause fundamental preachers to step back and ask themselves just how Biblical they really are in their beliefs. Possibly, if we preachers have the veneer stripped from us, we can stop worshipping at the feet of human kind and return to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

  2. Pastor Reagan,
    Hello, I am friends with pastor Jerry Thrower. He told me about your reviews. I just published a book and could use some help getting it out to independent baptist folks. Can you kindly call me at your earliest convenience? Prayerful regards,

    Andrew Knight
    Cell: 860-648-1600

  3. Like many others, I stumbled by accident upon Pastor Reagan’s website, and liked what I saw. Interest in Bible Commentaries? That was for me.
    For the unchurched, (as I am) a good Bible commentary is the next best thing to having a good Bible teacher. Some people come from such damaged past lives as to make them unwanted, yes, unwelcome, in any congregation. There are things worse, far worst, than prison, drug addiction and alcoholism. So yes, some Christians live alone, from necessity. That has been my life. From the workplace to the rented apartment, with no social contact, other than with people at work, I have a lived alone.
    Enter Bible commentaries! When I graduated Teen Challenge in 1981, I came into possession of an old, 6-vol, Matthew Henry set and I took to it like a duck takes to water. I became a Bible Commentary reader. Initially, Bible Commentaries were just something I did in the evenings, for something to do, but later that changed as I came to discover the tremendous wealth of knowledge the commentary contained. My library consisted of a good Crudin’s Concordance, King James Study Bible, a Halley’s Bible Handbook, and an Atlas of the Bible. Since, I have purchased a set of John Trapp’s, Bible Commentaries, ( which I love dearly,) Robert Hawker’s, Poor Man’s Commentaries, and Charles Spurgeon’s, 3-vol., Treasury of the Psalms. My goal from the early 1980’s, to the present , has been to master the Scriptures on a pedestrian level. To really know it. I am no scholar, but after becoming born-again Dec. 24, 1977, ithis has been my life’s goall: a life learning the Bible.
    Consequently, when I read about Pastor Reagan’s Bible Commentary fascination, and about other people that appreciate good Bible Commentaries, (there are so few) I’m of course interested.

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