The Day Of The Crucifixion


Synthesis of Crucifixion Day (Click here for a .pdf of the chart below. Feel free to print out for personal study.)

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It’s no surprise that this most pivotal day of human history has the most details given in Scripture. Perhaps they aren’t given in the way we like things given today. There’s 4 Gospel records and the design behind which Gospel gets to tell which detail is far beyond us. In fact, the way the Lord has given us the Scriptures means that I am at no loss at all to, say, read Matthew straight through. Several facts are missing, but the great theme shines through.


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Still, as I study God’s Word, I may want to put those details together for my own study. Who could blame me? That day made forgiveness, salvation, and Heaven itself all possible for me. It seems as one grows as a Christian there will always be a growing, healthy fascination about Christ–what He did, Who He is, and on and on. That will entail the production of a Harmony of the Gospels. Many exist. Most are fairly standard, except for a few hard-to-pin-down places. Only those who can’t come to grips with the idea of an infallible Word might shun the whole idea.

What some Harmonies fail to do is slow down at the Crucifixion. Each Gospel gives from a third to a half of its pages to that week. There is a reason for that. Then the pace slows even more for the day of the Crucifixion. My approach on the above chart is totally geared toward our culture. Midnight not only didn’t start a new day for those in Jesus’ time, but also it didn’t mean anything to them. Their day began with sundown. That’s totally unusual to we who even wait up till midnight to watch the new year come in.

Jesus makes it to the Garden of Gethsemane on this day. The horrors, the betrayal, and the arrest all happen after dark and so on this new day. By the time midnight comes Jesus has already endured at least part of the 3 religious trials He faced before Jewish authorities. Peter denied 3 times and ran off weeping. It was already a hectic day before our midnight kicked in. Here our chart picks up.

Dawn came pretty early then in those days of no daylight savings time. The custom of that day would be to get up early and get going, so Jesus’ civil trial before the Roman authorities all being done before 9 a.m. would not be not that remarkable. Even though we think of His suffering starting a little later, He probably has had no sleep in 24 hours (unless He caught a cat nap while being held till morning), He had a near-death experience in the Garden, and He suffered one of the most gut-wrenching betrayals ever known at the hands of Judas. Those supposedly still on His team are shivering in their sandals somewhere. Plus the trial had been a joke. One terrible false accusation after another has been hurled at Him. Finally, He is scourged with a cat-o-nine tails whip and is forced to carry His Own cross. No wonder He collapsed under the weight of the main beam of the cross.

By 9 a.m. He is actually hanging from that cross facing one of the most gruesome execution methods ever devised. Here’s where a synthesis of the Gospel records proves handy. So much happened. There were 3 hours of light and interaction with those around Him including much ridicule. He, as you surely know, never wavers. The three statements He makes during this time prove that pain and suffering couldn’t squeeze His great love out of Him.

At Noon a darkness overtakes all around. It was a darkness you could almost feel. You can sense an edginess by many. The suffering intensifies as every moment brings Him closer to death. What might not be obvious in any one Gospel record is that He gives His last 4 statements near the end. These all have to do with the agony of the sin He bears for us. “It is finished” is profound in its meaning, and exhaustive in its scope. All that could ever be required for my sin is given here.

At 3 p.m. He dies. More accurately, we say He laid down his life as He chose the time and the place. No person in Jerusalem that day could ever forget what it was like at 3 p.m. that day!

Others things happen, as you can see on the chart, but are rarely discussed as what happened at 3 p.m. eclipses all. Can you imagine how those women felt who left at dark after watching the stone being fully in place at His tomb? Remember for them it ended the Day of the Crucifixion. For us it might as well have even though midnight was roughly 6 hours away. Put a marker in your mind for that ending day as it set in motion a 3-day period that at its end will melt all the gloom there away forever.

Questions For Study

1. How do our customs affect how we view the story of the Crucifixion?

2. What is the difference in how the 4 Gospels present the story to how we looked at it in our chart?

3. What are your thoughts on the scope of Christ’s suffering?

4. Describe your thoughts on the few minutes before and after His actual death.

5. Compare and contrast the Day of the Crucifixion and the Day of the Resurrection.

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  2. I went to college with Kyle and his (now) wife Sarah in ’06-’07 at Crown. They probably don’t remember me – but we saw each other again in January 2009 for a wedding that Kyle stood up in – my (then) Pastor’s daughter/my friend was marrying someone she had met at Crown College. Small world.

  3. Thank you for putting together this time line. It is very helpful to see it in chronological order. I had never stopped to consider that there were more details about this one day than any other in Christ’s life. I had also never really put together exactly how long that day would have been for Christ. Another thing I never realized is that the darkness came before Christ died.

  4. Wow the clarification on Roman vs European calendars helps so much. I am surprised that all involved would hold trials that late, now I’m curious to learn if this was standard practice for the Roman government. Especially knowing how early Christ and the other two were crucified. Also I can’t recal hearing the vinegar also had the narcotic gall to help numb the pain, and that further point mentioned that Christ could then drink fully from that bitter cup for us.

  5. Many people do not know the Jewish time. I was one of them. But, through reading this article, I could remind me of how it is so important to know the time when He was crucified. I can imagine His blood sweat in the early morning. It had to be cool. But, he was praying very fervently for us untill he got “blood sweat”. Moreover, on the cross, He had been suffered when it was especially hot about 12:00-2:00pm. He was in worst condition. Knowing the time when Jesus Christ was crucified gives us vivid picture of His sacrifice.

  6. Wow I never really took time to think of all the details of this one day I personally thought it was like any other day, this has given me a better picture and idea about Christ and his last day. I think of when he was in the garden praying and he was sweating drops of drops, but his disciples had no clue at the time. Thank you so much

  7. In the moments directly before and after the death of Christ, the chart takes particular notice to how the Lord was shrouded in darkness. Many times we do not hear about the darkness that surrounded Christ at the actual time of His death. This darkness that is often neglected gives us a picture of just how dark it was spiritually. Christ took on Himself not only the entire sin of the world, but the entire sin of the world of EVERY generation. Because God cannot be near sin, it is no wonder that Christ cried out in the midst of darkness “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Understanding what was happening before and after the death of Christ gives us a greater understanding and meaning to the sin debt that He bore for our sake.

  8. Brother Reagan,
    This observation of the incredible crucifixion of our Lord is truly something that was helpful in fully understanding and taking in all that happened on that day. There is not a word that I can fathom to describe the depth of meaning within that day because there was such great humiliation placed on the Lord, just for me. And to think of that it gives peace and heartache in the same thought. I am grateful that the Lord placed this article on your heart as a way of helping to clarify so many aspects of that day.
    It’s so hard to think that the Lord hung on that cross for so many hours before He finally gave up the ghost. It seems almost impossible that He should endure such a thing for us. Thank you again for this! It was a blessing.

  9. In answer to the first question, our customs greatly hinder how we should properly view the day of crucifixion. Mostly in the fact, as already stated, that we view days as from midnight to midnight, while the people of those days viewed days from sunset to sunset. Often, we do not realize the actual time that Jesus was hung on that cross and placed in the grave. Knowing the correct time does shed a new knowledge on that day.

  10. Wow, this article was so helpful. I honestly had never really thought about that day in that much detail, but this article has helped me think about it more. What Christ truly went through for us…its amazing to me. Knowing that The Lord suffered for hours just for me? How incredible is our Savior! He took on the worst amount of pain and for such a long period of time. Thank you for posting!

  11. The Crucifixion and Resurrection varied drastically. While crucifixion was how one was brought from life to death, resurrection brought death to life. Christ went into the crucifixion and death with the weight of the world’s sin upon His shoulders. The pain and agony experienced by a single man was astonishing. However, though He bore the scars from the nails and spear, the freedom after resurrection, when the sins of mankind were paid for, greatly contrasted the former pain of death and produced unspeakable joy and peace for all who call Jesus Christ their Savior.

  12. I do not believe that we can adequately explain Christ’s suffering on the cross. We seem to focus on his excruciating physical suffering, but forget to mention the fact that Jesus Christ suffered the agony of our sins. The sins of the whole world were placed upon the perfect and sinless Son of God.

  13. When the Lord said,”It is finished,” He had completed the Will of the Father. At that moment, He had bore our sin and immediately made a way of salvation for all Men. When Jesus rose from the grave, He proved His power. He said that no man had the power to take His life from Him, but He laid it down Himself. This completes the gospel because if He would not have risen, we would not have salvation. ejo

  14. The suffering of our LORD Jesus Christ was the most painful, most horrible suffering any human ever had to face! There’s no question that “Jesus paid it all”, all the world’s sin was paid! The Lamb of the world, who was slaughtered, laid on Him the iniquity of all!

  15. The difference between the Day of Crucifixion and the Day of the Resurrection were two polar opposites, but were part of a complete process that we would one day need to acquire the gift of eternal life.The Day of the Crucifixion was one of sorrow and it seemed as if all was over for His followers, but the Day of the Resurrection brought hope to those who followed Him. Thank God not only for His resurrection, but also for His death on the Cross in my stead.

  16. The whole idea and events around the time of crucifixion are astounding. To think of all that Christ went through consecutively is convicting. He suffered for more than just a few hours. It was a long, grueling process that no doubt weighed on His mind constantly. He was already in pain and He still had the actual crucifixion to bear. Yet, the whole time, He had me and every one else that has ever lived on this earth on His mind also.

  17. it’s interesting, our custom of counting time till midnight often colors our view of how and when things happened. from the time of the betrayal to the Resurrection it’s easy to think that every thing happened day by day a bit more broken up. but if one looks at how time was counted it’s easy to see that the every thing was happening nonstop. it also shows how angry and intent they were on putting Jesus to death so quickly

  18. In considering the scope of Christ’s suffering, I was struck by two things. This article forced me to imagine having to hang on a cross for six hours. Most movie portrayals last 15 or 20 minutes. I have to drive six hours once a month. I complain even though I’m sitting in a comfortable leather seat. Oh how slowly the time must have clicked by agonizing second by agonizing second. Yet, “He, as you surely know, never wavers.”

  19. The crucifixion, though viewed by man as a horrible event, was indeed the greatest act of love that has ever been shown. mankind could not have been a more undeserving recipient. Yet, not only did Christ give of Himself, of His talents and abilities through His ministry, He gave what no other man could give- a perfect life to an imperfect race.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this article! I have never thought in depth about all that my Savior went through. He suffered so much pain and agony just to save my sinful soul. He did what no other man could do, He died on the cross and arose three days later. Just to think even if I was the only human living, Christ would of still suffered the shame and endured the pain to save me!

  21. I have always heard about the crucifixion, but as you said you think it’s more in the afternoon, not so early in the morning. I have never before thought about all that Christ went through and how hard it must have been for Him. It really proves how much He loves us.

  22. There is so much that our finite minds cannot comprehend. Without actually being there, it is hard for me personally to fully picture everything that happened that day and when it happened. There is much we do not understand or fully picture about Christ’s crucifixion simply because we do not put things into the context of that day. The day was indeed in darkness, more than any other day, I believe, this world has seen since.

  23. The few minutes before and after our Savior`s death on the cross, were perhaps the most intense and suspensful moments in history. Just before Jesus died, He cried with a loud voice. The gospel records tell us that He said in these moments “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit,” and “It is finished.” At the point of Jesus death, God`s plan to redeem man had been fully completed and I`m sure, amid all the suffering, there was a tone of joy in Jesus voice as He cried out. Many times, we forget about the things that happen as Jesus died. God`s Word says that there was a great earthquake, on top of all the darkness that had gripped the land; and the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top to the bottom. What a perfect picture of how the suffering and death of Christ has truly opened the way to God through His precious blood!

  24. Our own customs determine how we view any story in Scripture. Part of reading and studying God’s Word is putting yourself in the story and imagining how life was like back then. When we map out the day of crucifixion in our own literal 24 hour day it helps us understand the story better and remember the events in order.

  25. I love the fact that there were seven cries of Jesus. God has divine meaning behind even the minuscule details. Seven is the number of perfection and completion. Jesus Christ was the perfect Lamb and He completed the need for an eternal sacrifice. Jesus Christ chose to suffer every moment of pain so that He could satisfy the sin debt of the whole world. Thank you so much for this outline. I enjoyed seeing the details organized in that way.

  26. Thank you so much for this article! Like so many others have said, I don’t think we truly realize how much the Lord suffered through to save us. If we had been there it would be so real to us but because we weren’t we tend to forget how real it was. The chart really helped me to visualize the events in order. I’v heard about the Jewish day starting at night but I never consider that when I think of the crusifixion. Also, how long he hung on the cross remaining alive is astounding to me. Thank you again. This was very helpfull.

  27. This has been a great post to read. Thank you so much! Our customs today don’t teach (or at least none of the churches I have ever went to) you about Jesus being kept overnight. I’ve always been taught about it like it all happened right in a row. It’s interesting to think that He was given an opportunity to possibly catch a cat nap as you said, or was he possibly praying and seeking inner strength from the Father? Interesting to think about.

  28. It is important to realize that while Jesus was God, He also became man and dwelt among us. I feel that some people are prone to think that just because He was God, He was able to bear so much suffering and torture and so therefore, did not feel the pain as another human being would have. However, Jesus, though He was 100% God, was also 100% man, and therefore, felt every bit of pain that was inflicted upon Him. With this realization, one can see how deep the love God has for His people. He came willingly, not because we deserved salvation, but because He loved us so much that He did not want us to suffer for all of eternity. He created us to love Him and to learn of Him. He desires for us to draw nearer unto Himself so that we may experience all the fullness of Christ.

  29. It’s amazing how we have these records that happen nearly 2000 years ago and truly this is one of the greatest events thats happen with the RESURRECTION but still there is a event that I’m waiting for ( Christ coming again). My pastor thought me that if I wanted to understand more about God than I should study the crusifixion of Christ. What Christ suffered for me with being on the cross so long convicts my heart about how much I complain about little things that does not even matter. Thank you brother for this article

  30. The few minutes before and after Christ’s actual death were the most crucial time in the history of this created world. It was a life-changing moment. That afternoon around three, even people in the area where the event took place sensed the oddness of the moment. But it appeared to be no more than the death of a man; no one realized the far far profound spiritual significance of that few minutes. Christ gave His one life, but every life of the mankind escaped the eternal penalty and would then be able to walk on a new way to eternal life. Praise God!

  31. I don’t believe that we can comprehend what Jesus went through for us, but what i know is that every moment He suffered was for me. I am the reason He died on that cross, for my sins. I am no different than the men who hung Jesus on the cross, in that we are both sinners who need Jesus Christ. No body has ever went through the suffering for another man that Jesus went through for me.

  32. Thank you for this article. I was struck in it with how much Christ suffered willingly. I sometimes imagine that Christ’s suffering was out of his control, but it wasn’t. Christ willingly went through the hours of agony, forsaken by God and friends, and still the Jews couldn’t kill him. Jesus suffered until his mission was finished, then he gave up his own life. “For God so loved the world…”

  33. This article really opened my eyes to Christ’s suffering and sacrifice for me more then they have ever been opened before. The times in which it all took place are so much different then I understood them to be. Our days are seen in a different view then the days of Christ. I never really thought about it until now.

  34. The pain and the suffering that our Lord Jesus Christ went through that day is simply horrifying. I liked the note in the article about Jesus not having slept for 24 hours. It’s really challenging for me to wake up for a class just having 6 hours of sleep let alone suffering at the hands of persecutors without any sleep for 24 hours. I had never thought about this before. This thought has given me a new perspective about the suffering my Lord had to go through to heal my wounds and to pay for my sin debt. I cannot ever thank Him enough and praise Him enough for bearing the cross in my place!

  35. Through reading this article it gives one a better understanding of how long and drawn out the suffering of Christ truly was. So often we allow ourselves to have the mentallity that the crucifixion was a quick process, when in reality it was an extremely long 24 hour span packed with pain at every second. The amazing thing is that Christ voluntarily took on this suffering so that we might spend eternity with Him! It’s convicting to see how much He gave for those He loved, and then compare that to how little we give and even care. Thank God for His mercy and grace!

  36. It is interesting to think about just how much different the time would have been to ours now. As Christians we get our own mindset and think about the day of crucifixion taking place in one single day, during the day, and late in the evening. I like how this article helped me realize that Christ’s crucifixion was even more different than I could ever imagine even from just the time of day that it took place.

  37. Thank you for putting this spreadsheet together. I did not realize that so much of each gospel record was devoted to crucifixtion account of our Lord. Thank you for reminding me that those saints who had their graves open did not come out until after Christ’s resurrection– that used to confuse me when Paul talked about Christ being “the firstfruits of them that slept.” i wonder if you could tell me what day you believe Jesus died on/ and was buried?

  38. Thank you for this article. It is amazing to think about the suffering of Christ and all that he did for us on Calvary. To think that Christ was whipped, beaten, spat upon, a crown of thorns pierced into His head and speared in the side and torn apart beyond human recognition. He did that for ME! That was MY cross, it was MY beatings, it was MY crown of thorns, it was MY sin that nailed Him to the cross, but He willingly went in my place.

  39. First, I want to thank you so much for taking your time to share this with us. As I was reading your article, the one statement you said about Christ’s suffering really spoke out to me. “He never wavered.” When I think of Christ’s suffering, I do think about the physical abuse he endured, but after reading your article, I am reminded of the emotional abuse He suffered as well. As a women, I can very well relate to emotions. (haha) But, to think about our Savior suffering through a betrayal of a dear friend that walked daily with Him, was given Light, had front row seats to Christ’s many miracles, and yet still betrayed Him astounds me that Christ still bore the cross. If Judas was the only man that lived, Christ, with His great Love, would have still died. It makes me think of my little “burdens” that I complain about day to day. It all fades in light of what Christ went through for me. How wonderful HE IS for never wavering.

  40. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us, it is very helpful. I used to think that the suffering of Christ began with the cross, but as you have reminded me it began long before that. It amazes me still to think that Christ would CHOOSE to suffer and die for my sins, for the sins of the world. Like you pointed out as you grow in the Christian walk you grow more curious and fascinated with Who Christ is and what He accomplished on the cross. It was the whole reason He came to this earth. Knowing more about the cross is to know more about the love of God. And that in turn grows our love for Him! It is so amazing, “we love Him because He first loved us”! Thank you!

  41. A very well done article sir. I would love to expound just a little on the awesomeness of those few moments before and after his death: to be there would be almost unbearable, to witness the literal separation Christ suffered as he bore it all for us, retched sinners. The great combination of love and sorrow is unthinkable, and to witness had an effect on these Roman soldiers watching. It is not unusual for God to live (the Resurrection) however it is very unusual for God to die.

  42. I never realized the difference between the way the Jews kept time, and the way that Americans and Europeans keep time. I knew the way it was kept was different. I was just unaware of how different it was.

  43. I have heard the detailed timeline of the day of Christ’s crucifixion before, but reading this article helped to remind me of something. In the last paragraph, it mentions how the woman saw Jesus die, and midnight was soon coming. Surely the next three days seemed like the beginning of an unending midnight to them. But as the saying goes, ‘the night is darkest just before the dawn.’ And Oh! what a dawn, the beginning of a new, unending day!

  44. Our customs greatly effect how we view, not only the day of crucifixion, but the entire Bible. During the days of Jesus Christ, the Roman culture was vastly different than today’s western culture. As mentioned before, time is one examples of such. Also, when simply looking at how the trial took place is another way of showing the difference of our cultures. Where we would have a jury, judge, and a defense; the Romans did not share this. Then, they gave him a false trial with no evidence.This would not hold up to our society; especially being convicted of Capital Punishment. These are just two examples of the difference in culture. It inspires me to research more about the cultures back then, contrast them to ours, and gather a greater understanding of the events taking place. Thank you Pastor Reagan

  45. Our customs hinder us from completely understanding the entire day of crucifixion. We look at it from a midnight to midnight standpoint, while in reality it was sunset to sunset for the Jews. It sheds an entire new light on that day for me when I view it that way. Thank you Pastor Reagan for posting this!

  46. The Crucifixion and Resurrection are amazing to me. We see on the Day of Crucifixion that the Lord has been denied by his own disciple and he is about to die for the worlds sins. The Love He showed just by dying for us and then when he resurrects we see the example of His Love, Grace and Forgiveness shown when the Bible says “go tell His disciples (AND) Peter”. After all that Christ had gone through i think we sometimes forget to realize His love for us and we take for granted what He did and the Grace He has shown us in our lives. When i think about this story i can’t help but think of the Love and Grace My Christ shows me everyday all because of the Cross.

  47. Although I can never fully understand it all, my understanding of Christ’s crucifixion has definitely been enlarged through reading this. It is humbling to know that the Creator of the Universe suffered willingly for me on Calvary. No one held Him there – only His love for the world (including me personally). This is also encouraging because we know Christ went through so much for each one of us as individuals. Surely if Christ was willing and able to pay the debt of our sins, He will carry us through the rest of life with love and mercy, thinking of and interceding for us continually.

  48. I believe our customs affect how we view the crucifixion greatly. We could never truly grasp what Jesus went through or what kind of events went on that day. We live in a country that never has to endure such things like the events of the crucifixion. I believe if we could ever wrap our minds around the things of the crucifixion, we could all become much better servants of Jesus Christ.

  49. I reaally enjoyedthis article, it really made me think of that day differently. I had never realized what time of day it was when the darkness came. It puts up the question of where tge darkness came from? I also liked learning of how differentthe culture was from today it helped me understandthe timeframe alot better. Thank you for the article .

  50. Thank you so much for sharing this Pastor Reagan. When I think on those few minutes before and after Jesus’ death, my heart is truly overwhelmed. I cannot even begin to imagine what was going through His mind as He hung there dying for all the sins of the world. It is hard to understand exactly what all of the people were thinking as Jesus cried out, “It is finished” and He died. I am so thankful for a loving Savior that died for me.

  51. Wow, this was so helpful and God used it at a good time for me! Thank you! The down to earth details made things so much more understandable. It is amazing to think of what Christ did FOR US! Not only did He die, and take on the sins of the whole of mankind, He went through shame and humiliation. Thankful for Christ’s love for us. Thank you so much for this article!

  52. There are certainly many things that go through my mind concerning the crucifixion, but this article and chart does point out many things not always noted. I have had questions on the timing of it all but never studied it out fully. The world celebrates good Friday, some say He died on Wednesday night, we know He was in the grave for three days, we say he rose on Sunday morning, all of these things and yet I think we have very little nailed down if someone were to ask us. I appreciate this study, and I know it will be helpful for my own life. Thank You.

  53. Our customs affect how we view the crucifixion because times have changed since then. We have more things than they did back then. We think differently than they did back then. I think that if we grew up when Christ was crucified then we would all think differently of that day.

  54. The scope of Christ’s suffering was not merely physical, but also emotianal and spiritual. Jesus was denied by Peter, and “thrown to the dogs” by Judas. This would be considered emotional. In the spiritual sense, Jesus own Father turned His back on Him! Jesus went through so much physical pain, the crown of thrown, the whip lashings, the nails being driven into his hands and feet, for me. Jesus would have gone through all of this even if I had been the only one that needed to be saved! This though makes me ashamed but also greatful. Thank you Pastor Reagan for posting this article. I think we sometimes take Jesus suffering for grantie sometimes.

  55. Wonderful study Pastor Reagan! I appreciate your interest. The mid-day darkness during Christ’s crucifixion must have brought such a powerful presence. I’ll be honest – modern-day culture has skewed my views on the times and events of the crucifixion day. Of course, it was a powerful day! Praise the Lord the darkness never truly overcame the Light!

  56. In the past, when I have thought of the crucifixion, I never thought it with these things in mind. Our customs and culture here in America lead us to think of the crucifixion a little differently from how it actually happened. This will help me in the future as I think of the crucifixion.

  57. Our customs make us look at the crucifixion and everything involved in a very different light than what really happened. In my mind everything that happened to Christ up to the crucifixion and afterwards to his resurrection happened over a period of several days. But in light of this explanation of how their culture viewed days and what times the days began and ended i realize more clearly how much more excruciating it must have been for Christ. To have endured all of that torment over several days would have been bad enough, but to be place in all of that within just 2 or 3 days is definitely unbearable! It brings a much greater appreciation for Christ and what he sacrificed for us.

  58. 1. How do our customs affect how we view the story of the Crucifixion?
    Our customs today greatly affect the way we see the story of Jesus’ cricifixtion. Many times we do not comprehend the extent of the Jesus’ suffering because today criminals feel no kind of pain as they did in the day of Jesus.If an individual commits a crime, we try to create as little pain as possible for them while still allowing them to learn from thier consequences. It would be considered abuse today to inflict pain on a criminal equal to the pain Jesus had inflicted on him. People do not realize the severity of Jesus’ affliction because they have not witnessed anything as severe in today’s times. People today are very visual and many of them need to visually see something visually to grasp a full understandning of the concept.

  59. thank you Bro. Reagan for writing this! our culture has certainly affected my ability to understand the time line of the crucifixion. the entire setting became so much more real and understandable to me as i read your chart and saw how the Jewish day was. i had not really thought about the specific timing of everything before, and this was very helpful to my understanding. i’m so thankful for Christ’s love!

  60. Thank you for providing us with this very helpful article. I had not previously given much thought to the scope of the day of crucifixion. We all read of and know of the events that lead up to the actual crucifixion, but many of us, including me, do not take into consideration (because of our cultural time difference) all that happened in that one day. The many different emotions that Jesus felt are beyond what we can imagine, and then to cap it all off with the actual physical abuse of the crucifixion should give us all a greater appreciation for what we have been given in Salvation. Yes, Jesus was 100% God, but He was also 100% man, so he felt all the pain and misery that we as humans would have felt and even so much more because He had laid on Him the iniquities of us all. I am sure that is far greater than any pain mankind can inflict. Thank you Jesus for So Great Salvation!

  61. It is amazing to me that Christ would humble himself so much just because he loves us!! Even though the things that man did were terrible, I believe the worst thing for Jesus was being separated from His Father. Not to say his body didn’t suffer, because it most assuredly did.
    Thanks for writing this article!! It has given me an insight that I didn’t quite have before.

  62. The crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ can be compared as they both were absolutely necessary for our salvation. Also, they prove God’s divine power and love. The crucifixion can be contrasted from the resurrection in that it was sorrowful and the resurrection was a joyous occasion. Also, many died a death close to the way Jesus died on the cross, but He is the only one to ever rise again. I am so thankful we serve such a loving Savior.

  63. Our customs do affect the way we view the crucifiction. The way we view our days in form of time is completely different than the way it was during the crucifiction. I have really never thought about what time of day the crucifiction occured. I always just figured our days were the same as the Jewish days were.

  64. Christ obviously suffered greatly. Historical accounts show many men did not even survive the scourging before crucifixion due to disembowelment. I have heard Pilate’s comment of “Behold, the man!” was of astonishment due to his disfigured person. Beyond the physical pain of the beatings and the crucifixion, Jesus also had emotional pain to deal with. Being betrayed by the very people He was sent to help must have hurt His heart terribly. Finally, Jesus also had the spiritual pain of having the sins of the world placed on Him. We at last have the assurance God will never leave us, but in this instance, Jesus was completely forsaken by the Father. This surely would have cost the greatest suffering of all.

  65. I also thank you, Mr. Reagan, for this helpful, and enlightening article. When i read this article, i really thought about all the things that Christ had to go through on that day. Not only did he have to endure the pain of the cross, the beating, and humiliation, he had to endure all the things that preceded it. many humans would have been completely and utterly emotionally destroyed after being betrayed by many of his disciples. Judas betrayed him for money,peter denied him three times for his own convenience, and many of his disciples betrayed him for sleep. We have no idea of the physical and emotional pain that Christ endured on that day for our sinful humanity. and reading this article has made me think about it and renew my appreciation to God for all that he did on that most important day. i do understand why all the gospels spend so much time on this particular occasion, because it is the single most important event that has happened since God created the universe. thanks again.

  66. Thank you for this article, Mr. Reagan. It really brings clarity to the crucifixion timeline. Such an important day in history is one that we all need to know more of and understand more clearly. To think that Christ suffered such tremendous horrors all in a brief span of time, one right after another. And that He suffered them all for us, out of His own free will. Very humbling.

  67. This is a fine article and I really appreciate the insight it gives. I did not know that the Jews “started” their day at the day’s end when the sun goes down. This really helps me put it all in context. It was not a broken up event, a lot happened in a short amount of time. And not only the physical pain that Jesus had to endure, but the lack of nutrition and sleep. The agony of it all makes me cringe but yet it is such a beautiful thing at the same time. Christ suffered and died for the sins of the world! I do believe, after reading this article, that is so especially important for us to know and understand the day of the Crucifixion. Not only the events leading up to it, or the events afterwards, but knowing time line is also important!

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  69. I was taught that it should have taken 6 months for those trials. They were done one right after the others due to the immense amount of pressure from the religious sector

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