A Book Every One In Ministry Needs To Run And Buy!

mondays with my old pastorYou think I’m exaggerating when I tell you to run and buy Jose Luis Navajo’s Mondays With My Old Pastor, but I assure you I have never more thoughtfully made such a statement. My friend, Ryan Hayden, gave me the book telling me it had such an impact on him. I looked forward to reading it, but never dreamed it would so move me. It is certainly one of the top 2 or 3 ministry books I now possess.

Don’t let its laid-back format fool you. It wraps you up in a story to deliver its gold, but it is more than a story as it touches all the places we need as Christ’s servants. Particularly if the strain of that service weighs on you.

It apparently has a few things working against it on the surface, yet those things vanish with every turn of the page. First, it is written by an unknown Spanish- speaking pastor. The translation is so good, however, that you never think of it. Plus it can help abolish the ridiculous thinking that the Lord can’t use others in another culture on the same level as us. Second, you may not know this pastor, but you will want to walk his steps and feel every throb of his heart. Third, the old pastor he learns from is unknown too. But you will have the most incredible vision of what an entry into Heaven this old man must have had. He could join Paul and Spurgeon and make quite a team. He was of their ilk.

In the book Mr. Navajo is sinking under the weight of ministry and decides to look up his old pastor for counsel. As the book goes along we learn the old pastor is dying, but he is energized to share with this protege of his. He goes every Monday for a meeting with the old pastor and the pastor speaks from accumulated wisdom, extraordinary stories, and power from a dynamic walk with God. The chapters are the discussion on each Monday.

Every chapter is a field of diamonds scattered all over the ground. If you can’t be helped by this book, take off your work boots and leave the gospel field–there’s no help left for you. But if you want to see–I mean really see–read with your senses fully engaged. You will find yourself craving the fellowship of your Lord! You will want to stay in the field, with your head now on straight and your heart running at full capacity.

The book boils down to 15 key principles. The list is amazing as is the journey to get to them. There are so many lessons, so many corrections and reproofs, and so much hope. I’m not going to mention even one of the principles in this review as I wouldn’t want to rob you of the journey. There are a thousand greats quotes in the book as well, but I will let you do your own digging too.

Thank you Mr. Navajo for taking us on your journey by writing it down for us. Thank you old pastor for your sage counsel–we will never forget it!


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