Advise For Seekers by Charles Spurgeon

Can anyone really share the Gospel like Charles Spurgeon? He had a way of dissecting the human heart and finding the chasm needing Christ that dwells within. Excuses? He could anticipate the best of them and slay them before they could hardly be off your tongue. In other words, he excelled in understanding the human heart. That is one of the reasons he was such a great preacher as well as why when he wrote his Advise For Seekerse should listen with care. As a nice bonus, Attic Books has reprinted this jewel in a small, attractive hardcover volume.

He begins where we most err–this delusional idea that we can save ourselves. He says:

The self-righteous man knows that what he is doing cannot satisfy God, for it cannot satisfy himself; and though he may perhaps drug his conscience, there is generally enough left of the divine element within the man to make him feel and know that it is not satisfactory.

We know he is dead on no matter what we would like to believe. It is such a dead-end road that we must turn toward Christ.

He spoke to of the best healing available in Christ:

Jesus can heal you of your pride; he can deliver you from anger; he can cure you of sluggishness, he can purge you from envy, from lasciviousness, from malice, from gluttonly, from every form of spiritual malady.

How’s that for putting the good back in the good news of the Gospel?

While he could write with devastating accuracy of our sinful hearts, he could also write with such beauty the love of Jesus. O how He wants to save us despite all we have done. In later chapters he writes of Jesus as one who says “come”!

This book is from the 1800s so of course it is the language and punctuation of that day, but I suspect you will be little at a loss. Whether you are a seeker yourself, or one who works with seekers, you will find this book, as with any Spurgeon title, a real treasure.

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