I Am A Church Member–A Book Review

Church membership is suffering in our day. The selfishness of our times has been a corrupting influence. We see church as something that should meet our needs rather than a place to serve Christ and others. Now church, in so many cases, falls below the model presented in the New Testament.

Enter the tonic of I Am A Church Member by Thom S. Rainer and published by B&H Books. In 6 short, really helpful chapters, he brings us back to reality on the matter of what it really means to be a church member. He shows us New Testament reality versus country club mentality. We want to get something out of our church membership, but we can only get it in serving and functioning as a real member. It is not getting taken care of, but taking care of others.

He hits on the critically important issue of actively pursuing unity in the church. Can you imagine the benefits of unity if we all made this our job? He explains how we degenerate into making church just be about my preferences and desires. How many churches have died this very way?

I would love to see this book in the hands of every church member. ( Look for $5 deals). It is good, yet short enough that those who don’t particularly enjoy reading can get through it easily. There is a pledge to sign at the end of each chapter that makes you wrestle with these issues. We had better do something as church membership is in such decline.


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