So Jimmy, Why Do You Write This Stuff? (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution# 27)


Well, it is a fair question. I am aware some are asking it too. For that matter, I realize how the articles in this particular series might be hitting some readers. In fact, let me name each category of those who may cross paths with this series, followed by a word to each.

1. Non-Christians

They simply would have little inclination to read this series and rarely do. It is likely too far removed from their lives to hold more than a momentary interest. To them I say that while we have our issues, our Savior, Jesus Christ, has none. In fact, He can help each of us with our issues.

2. Non-Independent Baptists

They might on occasion read to see what weird things go on in our group. It can be perversely therapeutic to read other’s problems to feel your own are not quite so bad. Probably they find some similarities within their own groups, just on different issues. I read often where other groups have their own foibles. For example, I read where some (not all) Calvinists absolutely rip each other up over some minute detail of their theology. I have even heard when one tells the other that they are not really a Calvinist (one held a ‘forensic’ view of justification while the other held a ‘transformative’ view). That sure sounds familiar! I mean if you switch our quirks for theirs. To them I say, please pray for us as we pray for you.

3. Balanced Independent Baptists From Balanced Ministries

They read this series and it feels dark. This is the group that I feel most awkward about. I must seem an unbalanced, rabble-rouser to them. They know nothing of what I am talking about. They probably will choose to stop reading and I don’t blame them. To them I say, be thankful for your church and the wonderful pastors you have had, but please know that others have had a far different experience than you have had.

4. Balanced Independent Baptists Who Have Suffered In Unbalanced Ministries

They love reading these type of articles. Their deliverance means so much to them as the casting off of bondage has liberated them and they want to see others delivered too. Christ means everything now and denominational politics and outward conformance never will mean anything again. My prayer is that the Lord would use my attempts at writing to help a few others move into this category. To them I say, “To whom much is given, much is required” applies to us.

5. Former Independent Baptists

They may love reading these types of articles too. They may hand my articles to show someone why they left. (I have actually heard of such occurences). They may be either: a) folks just like #4 above but who just felt they should move out of the Independent Baptist world, or b) someone who is bitter toward Independent Baptists. To them I say, either a) sorry to lose you, but may the Lord bless and keep you, or b) I do not discount your pain but Christ can move you past it. To live a life of ridicule (like is but to fall prey to the same lifestyle that hurt you. Ugliness will not cure ugliness.

6. Status-Quo Independent Baptists

They may or may not be aware of the abuses I have written about. They probably dislike this series and articles like it. It rocks the boat. It causes discussions they don’t want to be part of. When the discussion gets rather intense, they resent being forced to address these issues. To them I say, sorry I make you squirm, but the great issues, those that demand a right or wrong label, deserve to be addressed. If more banded together to address abusive behavior in our ranks we might live to see it changed–come help us.

7. Abusive Independent Baptists

They despise this series. I am glad. Others have cowered at their feet and let them have a reign of terror. I will not! If we can help some who are abused to see these abusers for who they are, lives will be helped. To them I say, you have hijacked certain segments of the Independent Baptist world and I will continue to do my bit to stop you as long as I am able. I believe the pen is far mightier than the abusive sword you wield and you will lose in the end if you continue on this course. Still, Christ stands ready to help you too.

8. Hurting, Confused Independent Baptists

They read this series as just one of the many ways they sincerely try to find direction for what they deal with. Their letters will break your heart. Often, every step to stop the mistreatment they face is met with more intense abuse. If the Lord will enable me to help any of them, even a little, I will be so grateful. To them I say, Christ has better for you than this. Walk out of the dark bondage into the light of His grace. Your soul can feel His warmth again. You must only shut out the voice of manipulative men and listen only to His voice. You will heal when you only listen to His voice.


I can not explain why the Lord has led me to write this series, but I know He has. No amount of criticism, nor even as bad as I hate it, no amount of misunderstanding of my motives, will stop me. As an Independent Baptist, I look back to the John R. Rices and Lee Robersons who felt compelled to stand against a convention they believed to be drowning in liberalism and unbelief and took great heat to make their stand. I follow in a long tradition. There are many more like me and we are not going away. May the Lord help us away from a new sort of denominationalism, from a slaughter of soul liberty, and from abusive practices of the most unchristian sort. God bless you all!

Find all articles in the series here.

9 thoughts on “So Jimmy, Why Do You Write This Stuff? (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution# 27)

  1. Great article, I am new to this site. My IBF pastor told me of a website you mention above and we would go there to laugh at ourselves. From that website someone had told of your website and we have really enjoyed it. Keep standing for what is right. God’s word and not man-made rules.

  2. I think some of the problems you might face are because we are independent at some level. I know little of other churches outside of my own. I know of some good preachers and such, but I tend to not know of the excesses and abuses that occur in some churches. So when I hear of these things, I have 2 choices I could make. One is to ignore it and think that it is just an overblown media story. The second is to realize it is probably true and that I need to check myself and my church at least mentally to see if those issue are going on around me. That type of introspection is difficult and hard to do, so I think most of us do not do it.

    Another issue is many but not all IFB are trending toward camps which in essence are denominations. Most of these camps come out of different Bible colleges. So if somebody from that camp starts to sin then the others in that camp do not want to believe it. That type of problem could never come out of their group. These are the types of instances where you see people circling the tents and trying to defend a wayward pastor/leader.

    I am thankful for what you are writing. From what I can tell you do it from a spirit of love. Most people writing about us IFB do it from a spirit of hate and condemnation. I do not want to see the IFB torn down, I want to see it made better across the board.

    • First, I thank The Lord for everyone who is in a good situation and knows nothing of these things. I see, as you do, that some would have no desire to think about it either. I think your analysis is spot on. These denominations are the very opposite of “independent.”

  3. After traveling across the U.S. for a few years I had the opportunity to visit many different churches; some Baptist and some not. There were many with Baptist doctrine, but they chose to leave Baptist off their sign. That experience really opened my eyes as to what the Lord would have me to do.

    Like you sir, I wish everyone would have no knowledge of the harshness imposed by some who are merely dictators posing as pastors. Sadly we live in a world where such abuses do occur more frequently than we would like to believe or even admit. Glory to God for those who are serving in a kind, compassionate and loving atmosphere within a local church.

    It is very difficult to express the heartfelt truths regarding the taskmasters who limit spiritual growth by smothering the congregation with personal opinions, convictions, rituals, rules and regulations. All of which cannot be found within the scriptures. As hard as it is to offer a breath of fresh air, Christians must stand for the truth and reject the dogma that is coming from the pulpits of mean spirited churches.

    “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

    Come, we that love the Lord,
    And let our joys be known;
    Join in a song with sweet accord,
    And thus surround the throne.

    The sorrows of the mind
    Be banished from the place;
    Religion never was designed
    To make our pleasures less.

    – Issac Watts

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  5. I have really enjoyed this series. I am a former IBF member that has only recently left our church of 45 years. I can relate completely to the flaws you have pointed out in your writings. I am encouraged to know that there are indeed other IBF preachers that have it right and are not afraid to proclaim the truth. Thank you for this series.

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