Hey Preacher, You Just Never Know!

Sometimes you cross paths with a story that puts things in vivid perspective. It exposes your warped thinking and shames you for the energy you have invested in misspent emotion. Whether it be a pastor, or really anyone actively attempting to serve the Lord, we fall far short of four in calculating two plus two. The story, with a link for you to follow and read for yourself below, involves a missionary who left the field after some years of hard labor thinking he was a failure. Wait to you read what was recently discovered!

How often does it dog you? How often do you run from the nipping at your heels from a general sense of failure? How often do you size it all up and calculate it nothing? Besides the lunacy of forgetting that the Lord gives “the increase”, what makes you and I think we even know what we are talking about?

It seems to me we had better wait for the Lord to sort it all out. We ought not form opinions of ourselves, or others, until the Lord has added the final ingredient. To not wait on Him is like gathering all the ingredients for fried chicken except the chicken! It is time to wait on final grades now. But hey, in how it all turns out, you just never know.

Link to great story.
Picture is from that great blog post–hope you go read it!

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4 thoughts on “Hey Preacher, You Just Never Know!

  1. What a wonderful account of the truth that God’s true work is not evidenced in massive ornate buildings, nor in how “big” of a name we have become. God’s true ministry is evidenced by the change people who’s souls have been redeemed, restored, renewed.

    My husband had to remind me of this several years ago when the events that followed the death of my father “destroyed” the church he had pastored for over 25 years. It was started as a group of believers meeting in the basement of a home and grew to over 800 members. It was the most loving, caring, body of believers I have ever been a part of; where, souls came to know the Lord every week. My father loved those people and served them to the detriment of his health. He literally gave his heart for his people. He died 2 months shy of his 66th birthday. The doctors said his heart was that of a 90 year old. I will not go into all the ugly details, but within a year this church had splintered into so many pieces, and the body was scattered.

    I was shattered. I felt like my father had given his life for nothing. Then my husband reminded me that he gave his life for the people, and the work God had done in those people through him is still living.

    Thank you Pastor Jimmy for another reminder.

  2. What a beautiful, inspiring account. It goes to show that it is the Lord who gives the increase, and we just never know how He is working behind the scenes. Thank you!

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