Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits!

The future of blogs, bloggers, and the entire blogosphere is unknown, but changes are inevitable. The newness is surely gone. Blogs on every subject have proliferated ad nauseam. For every post that is enjoyable there is its evil twin a click away. People, with so many options, are more selective.

Then there are cycles. Trends reverse and people may enjoy getting information from other sources. Who knows, books might make a comeback!

Bloggers grow weary too. There are the posts that burn inside until they must come out while there are others that come because it’s time for another post before the blog falls off the radar. This problem is not, of course, unique to bloggers; every type of writer faces it over the years.

Couple the natural tendencies of writers with the swirling changes of our day and, again, the future of blogs are not easily predicted.

Enter a blogpost written by Tim Challies that I want to re-blog here to give us food for thought. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits –Click to read it.

BTW, I still like blogging so I will continue to clutter the blogosphere!


2 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits!

  1. I started blogging, because a few people think I’m a pretty good writer, as a platform to share some of my photos, and to express what the Spirit is working in me or teaching me. I, too, have felt the pressure to compose a blog post so as not to lose readers, but I don’t want to write because I have to. Because I do searches to research various subjects and come across blogs, I suspect that others do as well, so even if I do not have a consistent readership, if one of my posts can help or inspire someone, then it has served its purpose whether I post once a week or once a month. Hey, it’s good therapy for me, too! [chuckle]

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