The Mystery Solved On Why Republicans Failed a To Stop The Iran Deal

iranThough I am learning to continually lower my expectations, I have been mystified on why the Republicans were so inept at fighting the warped Iran Deal.  I mean, we have an unpopular President and the public seems fairly skeptical. Even in purely political terms, what a chance for the opposition party (Republicans) to land a blow on the President. Politicians rarely miss such opportunities. So again, I have been totally unable to figure this one out.

Finally, I came across an article from National Review (Shared below). Though they are known famously as a conservative magazine, they are much more reputable than many others that might, for example, show up on your Facebook news feed. The answer to the mystery is sad, though, perhaps, not a shock.

Read there about how companies like Boeing, which would profit enormously from the Iran Deal, makes hefty contributions regularly to Republican senators. Then see how they months ago passed a bill that gave President Obama the authority to lift sanctions unless the Senate passes a Resolution against it. Of course they knew they couldn’t. Here is the sick part–they set up a way to appear to be against it now publicly by voting for the Resolution now knowing it wouldn’t pass. They can even gripe about what they helped put it place to appease the folks at home.

This deal is one of the worst in our nation’s history. It helps a rouge nation get nuclear weapons. It puts Israel, our ally, in grave danger. As a Christian, I believe God frowns on it. This shows the low place where our country is spiritually. Corruption runs deep.

I encourage you to read the article for yourself:

National Review Article

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