A Christian Looks At The ISIS Attack In Paris


It is surreal to watch the television tonight. The attack in Paris, verified to be ISIS related, is large in scope and clearly takes us to a new level of danger in our world with its broad Islamic threat.

I have flashbacks to 9/11. People were dying at that moment and I remember when that was true on our soil. There is a huge difference even if the death toll is actually much lower in Paris. 9/11 was the days before heightened security and, of course, the cause of it. That is no longer the case.

Paris was attacked in January and was under the highest security alert possible. ISIS has become sophisticated enough to pull off a highly detailed attack now. That is bad for us all. With politicians finding controlling guns among law-abiding a bigger threat than ISIS, we can’t look to our leaders for actual leadership. In fact, our President just this morning proclaimed ISIS largely “contained”.

Another difference this time is that two of my sons are watching with me and are old enough to take it in. I can’t help but think of their future in this twisted world. A few friends on Facebook have already mentioned this scaring them. We won’t even know all the details for a while.

It seems to have come up a lot lately–a time to remind oneself that the Lord remains securely on the throne. My sons are in His hands, not mine! So I am reminding myself tonight. I am sitting here grateful for the salvation He gives and the constant watch care of me and mine. It’s good to know the Lord Jesus Christ. How about you?

Safe, but I will be praying too. Prayer will ever be better than panic. Again, how about you?

4 thoughts on “A Christian Looks At The ISIS Attack In Paris

  1. What would you say to my son (32 years old) who insist that we do as Jesus commanded, “Love our enemies, Do good to them that despitefully use you, Love our neighbor”. He said that to my response saying “we should not allow those Syrian refugees (I say invaders) into our country. There are plenty of like minded muslim host nations right there in the middle east that should shoulder the cause.

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