Following The Christmas Story In The Bible

Synthesis of the Birth and Infancy of Christ (Click here for a PDF of the chart below. Feel free to print out for personal study.)



Sometimes following the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus Christ gets confusing for Bible readers. What time frame was involved? What happened on the night of Christ’s birth and what happened later? Did the Wise Men come the night of His birth? Etc.

The Bible speads the story out mostly between the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. Because of the critical nature of His Virgin Conception and Virgin Birth, the Bible tells that story in detail. Once Christ is taken by Joseph and Mary to Egypt, the details dry up. In fact, besides the detail of His leaving Egypt and returning to Galilee where He would grow up, nothing besides a trip to Jerusalem as a twelve-year old is mentioned until He begins His Public Ministry at age thirty. Apparently, we needed to see that like Israel He must go into Egypt and then return as she did. The similarities will end there as He will succeed in every point that she failed.

The chart here is designed to help you read the story in chronological order and keep your bearings. It is wonderful to see our heroic Savior in His incredible Incarnation. What great things it led to for you and me.

Happy Bible study and Merry Christmas!

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