More Books On Revival

photoSince I have had revival on my mind for a year,  I have been reading newly discovered titles and looking anew at books read long ago. Here are some more books on the subject if you too have been thinking about it.

1. Jonathan Edwards On Revival

This volume published by Banner of Truth combines three of Edward’s smaller works–A Narrative of Surprising Conversions, The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God. Two are historical accounts, the other a theological evaluation of the revivals Edwards personally witnessed. This book carries weight because  Edwards is such a respected scholar and theologian. He lives up to that respect by hiding nothing negative or excessive he saw in the revivals. Despite those anonomlies, he concludes God was mightily involved in the revivals he saw. It, then, is an encouragement to believe the Lord sends revival.

2. An Endless Line of Splendor by Earle E. Cairns

This book is simply historical, yet it gives a great overview of revivals from the Great Awakening to the 1980s. The thing that jumps off the page is that the Lord has sent revival as often as He has. While you might not agree with some things he includes, the book is excellent for what it is.

3. The Welsh Revival of 1904 by Eifion Evans

This volume is a mature look at revival in the context of the famous Welsh Revival in 1904. He faces the failings head on and yet a true picture of revival emerges. This book must be included in any in-depth look at revival.

4. We Can Have Revival Now! by John R. Rice

This is not as well known as other titles by this prolific Baptist author, but it is one of his best. While he can confuse revival with mass crusades or even soul winning, he still gives us a passionate plea for revival. He could perhaps go to far, and like Finney, make revival sound automatic if certain procedures are followed. Still, I leave that book reminded we are not past the days of possible revival. On that level, the book is a home run.

5. How To Have a Revival, compiled by John R. Rice and Robert Wells

This long out-of-print title is probably hard to find. The contributors are all successful evangelists from the 1920s-1940s.  Some of the chapters are out of date and unhelpful, so I only read the ones that I felt still applied. Those chapters were highly challenging and helpful. You will enjoy it, if you can find it.


For other titles previously recommended and some thoughts I had on revival, click here.

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