A Matter of Life and Death by Bill Goldsborough

daeth life

Written primarily for Fundamental Baptists, this volume seeks to address a glaring misunderstanding among many. The subtitle “thoughts for thinking fundamentalists” makes me think that Bill Goldsborough would like to move more fundamentalists over to the “thinking” category.

In chapter one we are told that “identity is determined by birth, not by behavior,” and from that basis he seeks to get us thinking. That basis for identity should give peace and an entirely different approach to the Christian life than the one so many are living. Many Christians have something far short of peace and strive for what could never be earned, though it is freely given. It’s a tragedy he hopes to Scripturally help us get past.

He focuses much on old man verses new man and what he believes the Bible teaches on that subject. He also explains carefully what it means to “reckon” Christ in your life. That can be quite revolutionary for a believer.

He marshals an incredible amount of Scripture to make his case, and unlike some works I’ve seen, those references actually discuss his subject. It also kind of had the feel of old Keswick writings as you go through this book.

He writes with an encouraging and helpful spirit. You might disagree on the interpretation of a particular passage he references, but you will appreciate the warmth of this book. If we see our relationship with Christ more along the lines he describes, we will definitely be blessed.





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