Jerusalem Biblical Archaeology: A Carta Map


I so wish that I had had this map when I was in Israel. Without a doubt, I will never go to Jerusalem without it again. This foldout touring map has the same high quality that we find in all Carta products. Every biblical archaeology site imaginable in and around Jerusalem is included on this map. You could truly plan days of tours with this map in your possession.

One side of the map is in large map covering the Old City. It includes every site you’ve ever heard of and many more. It takes up half of the backside, would be easy to hold in your hand, and help you do multiple walking tours of Jerusalem. If you have been to Jerusalem in the past, you will be amazed how many things you walked by when you study at this map. I don’t know how they included so much information without cluttering the map, but each side has enough information to let you know exactly what the site is without covering up its place on the map. This would be the only map you would need on a day in the Old City.

The entire front side of the map, besides some attractive pictures around the edges of two sides, covers the greater Jerusalem area. You will need a car, but again there are so many sites. I would even encourage you to get this map if you plan to hire a tour guide as it would help you decide what you wanted to see. Remember many modern maps don’t show all of these sites. For example, when I was in Jerusalem, I had a car and I wanted to see Tell el Full, which is biblical Gibeah, the home of Saul, and I could never find it. Not far from there is Beit Hanina, or a piece of the ancient Road to Jerusalem built by the Romans, which I didn’t even know about. Both of these places would be easy to visit with this map.

The bottom half of the back of the map covers six places an extra detail: the Kidron Valley, Mount Zion, the city of David, the Hinnom Valley, Ein Kerem, and the water aqueducts that served ancient Jerusalem.

This map is fascinating. It would provide an opportunity for great study before a trip and supply the ideal map while on the trip. I give it the highest recommendation.

I received this map free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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