A Great Commentary Series For S.S. Teachers and Bible Students!

book evc

Have you heard that Moody Publishers is in the process of re-releasing their much-beloved Everyman’s Bible Commentary series? I’m a pastor who has a warm spot in my heart for this series. As a younger Christian, and in my earlier days of teaching a Sunday school class, I built my collection of the entire set. They were a real help to me. Every volume in the set is clear, concise, yet really gets at the heart of what the passage is talking about. Further, every volume is conservative, free of scholarly jargon, and glowing with warmth.

It’s my understanding that this re-release of the series will include both paperbacks with redesigned, attractive covers and Kindle editions. The first wave of these new additions will include Daniel by John Whitcomb, Acts by Charles C. Ryrie, Romans by Alan Johnson, and Revelation by Charles C. Ryrie. All these titles are winners by the way!

Either Sunday school teachers or those attempting serious Bible study on their own will find these volumes a treasure trove. If you are in either of those categories, this pastor recommends that you don’t hesitate to secure your copies of these fine books that will greatly aid your study of God’s Word! You won’t regret it!

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