Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes A Day by Garry Morgan

Do you ever catch yourself wondering what exactly other religions believe? Do you  wonder if your one sentence understanding is actually accurate? Do you then go look at a bookshelf of books on world religions and notice that they are all 500 pages or more and chicken out? Well, likely this is the book you have been looking for. It’s given in 180 readable, easy pages and as the title implies, your time is taken into consideration.

He begins by defining “religion”. He keys on a systematic set of beliefs that speaks to ultimate questions about life’s meaning. He will with this logical definition be able to legitimately address secular humanism as a religion.

He addresses Christianity first in one short chapter accurately focusing on the fact that Christianity isn’t a religion but a relationship. Well, according to his definition, it is one, but I appreciate how he found a way to show that the Christian “religion” is fully unique in how it answers life’s questions and the dealing with sin. When looked out from this vantage point, it is amazing, at least to me, what puts all other beliefs in the same fold-a solution tied up in works.

Then he dives into Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Evangelical Christianity. I might find it a weakness in his trying to present Christianity objectively to the point of not overtly stating its superiority, but I’m sure it was so designed to reach a broader audience. You do see, though, that covertly he is a believer.

He gives the most detail on Islam as it is on our minds these days. Six chapters cover the variety that is out there in the Muslim world. He makes the complexities digestible and is all most would want to read on it. He also explains the confusing differences with Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha’i faith.

He also covers eastern religions that, though rarer, make their way to us in popular culture in movies and current bestselling books. New Age and transcendental meditation are even covered.

He tries to define the difference in a cult and a religion. Some groups called cults in our day are addressed as well.

This book is a solid addition to Bible study. It’s length is a winner and it is understandable without being heavy. It’s most cases it will answer your questions satisfactorily. I recommend it to Christian laymen, homeschooling families, and pastors who need a quick review or overview.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 . 

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