I’ll Never Understand It

I have watched the scene play out many times. Someone stares the reality of not being acceptable to God in the face. The truth of sin can not be avoided any longer and yet Christ is rejected. I don’t get it. I’ve been born again for 32 years now so maybe I am too far removed to remember what might entice someone to resist the Person of Jesus Christ.

Here’s how it looks to me now. I’m wrong with God, I’ve chosen darkness over His light, and my deeds are inexcusably evil. There is no way I can atone for my sins, no way I can bridge the chasm that I caused between me and God, and my future is eternally horrible.

In that helpless state, He moved to rescue me when I am the one in the wrong. Rescuing me came at tremendous cost to Him. Jesus left the splendors of heaven, came and suffered the humiliation of taking on a body, lived a giving life of hardship, came to a grotesque cross, bled, died, was buried and rose again–all for me! If I but accept His payment made on my behalf, my sins are forgiven, my eternal future secure, and the rift between us is healed.

To top it off, He offered to me at no cost. No cost to me at least! He even went so far as to send others to tell me about Himself and what He wants to do for me. So, to reject that–I’ll never understand!

I watched many people, though, do that very thing. Like as told in this poem:


I saw a man

With Christ on the veranda of his soul

As gentle as a mare over a coal

Jesus knocked.

I heard a man

Who ignored the overtures to his heart

And said that he wanted no part

Jesus sought.

I watched a man

With no sense of impending doom

And of the judgement that did loom

Jesus pleaded.

I saw a man

Who thought he could delay

As if there were always another day

Jesus tugged.

 I heard a man

With all around him a swirling flood

And then trifle with the Blood

Jesus gave.

 I watched a man

Who could have triumphed over strife

And have received eternal life

Jesus loved.

 I felt for a man

Who stood on sinking sand

And overlooked a nail-scarred hand

Jesus wept.

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