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mike and susie montgomery

I’m glad to have my friend Pastor Mike Montegomery guest blogging on Reagan Review. I’ve learned over the last few years that he is a dedicated Pastor who loves his people, is dedicated to preaching God’s Word, and has a passion for souls. He is as true a friend as could one could be. He was the one who moved in our home while we were in Tennessee a week soon after my wife became paralyzed and tore a closet out of our bedroom replacing it with an accessible bathroom. He even raised the funds for the project. Needless to say, his Christianity is of the real variety. We love his entire family. He is also a reader and I love to hear his take on books he has read. 

He has his own blog at

Brothers We Are Not Professionals

Boardman Holman Publisher

By: John Piper

First Published in 2002

286 pages


This book is a thought provoking look at the ministry and the personal walk of the pastor. Mr. Piper writes with passion and beauty. He does a great job of keeping your interest and always makes you think.

The purpose of the book is clear in the preface. Pg. xi “The aim of this book is to spread a radical, pastoral passion for the supremacy of and centrality of the crucified and risen God-Man, Jesus Christ, in every sphere of life and ministry and culture.” As far as this reader is concerned he hits what he aims at.

High notes

Mr. Piper repeatedly encourages the study of the pastor. He challenges you to be well read and well prepared. His writing reminds me often of A.W. Tozer in that it is often passionately spiritual and deeply rooted in the Word of God. He exalts the Scripture and calls for the Scripture to speak through the preacher in the pulpit. He leaves the reader with the understanding that the source of a sermon is Scripture, not the mind of the preacher. This book is never boring and will stir your soul as well as your mind. He willingly and boldly confronts misconceptions within the local church polity and theology.  He also emphatically stands on the Scripture for men only in the pastoral ministry. Mr. Piper closes the book with a strong plea for pastors to strengthen their own marriage, and in light of times, this cannot be echoed too often.

Low Points

Mr. Piper is a staunch Calvinist and it does come through in the book. Most of his emphasis is for the sovereignty of God and of course we can agree that God is sovereign. Chapter Fifteen I felt he had waded into a realm of doctrine that I believe is quicksand. In Chapter Eighteen he covers the importance of baptism. Though we agree on the time and method I feel he gives too much wiggle room to paedobaptism.


All in all, the entire book is a great read and any pastor will walk away from each chapter with at least one convicting and stirring truth. I would put this book at the top your stack!


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