Headline For Tomorrow Morning After The Election

Let the Reagan Review get the scoop on news media and give you a headline for tomorrow morning right now. Many major newspapers probably have two ready but aren’t for sure which one they will be using late tonight. We are ready here at the Reagan Review! Here it is:

Christ Is Still Seated On The Throne On The Universe

My friends that is true everyday, but really has a bearing on this election. I would go so far as to say it is the most key fact of all.

I know you thought I would announce Romney or Obama. On Facebook I predicted Romney would win based on what I imagined would happen after watching politics all my life. Of course, I may miss it by a mile, but that is just a guess. I want to report hard fact, or real news, here.

Here’s a verse I studied for last Sunday and this season of all our lives.

Psalms 110:1 “The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.”

If you are a Bible student, you know that we are privy here to a private conversation between the Father and Christ, Who is the King. No wonder this is the most-quoted Psalm in the NT as we are always subject to so much from those who rule over us in this world.

Do you notice that Christ the Lord sits on the throne? He sits because He is there to stay. He sits because He has already won. He sits because His work is finished. He sits because He is calm. He sits because His enemies are so powerless against Him. He sits because His throne is eternal, stable, and victorious!

In fact, while we quiver in fear at world events Psalm 2:1-5 paints a far different scene in Heaven. “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh” when these leaders in their vain imaginations suppose to have the world in their control.

It’s true that enemies to Christ still exist and that world leaders violently oppose His ways, but He still sits on that throne. His plan is on schedule. The election won’t change it one iota either.

I used to put more stock in politics than I now do. When I was a 10-year-old boy Ronald Reagan was running for President, and since I am Jimmy Reagan, my choice was easy. (By that same logic I picked Jimmy Carter when I was 6). I also became a Christian in that year. Within a few years I was an avid supporter of President Reagan as his platform matched my Christian beliefs very well. I also loved the man, still think he was sincere, and a real believer in Christ. I probably have 10 or more biographies of him and fought back tears when I watched his funeral on TV.

But here’s the truth. For all the good he did, he couldn’t do so much of what I, or I think even himself, would have wanted done. My friends, if Ronald Reagan couldn’t stop abortion, no other President can. That is the cold, hard facts. The answer, as so many have said, is truly not in politics.

Don’t take me wrong. I’ll vote today. I really think you should too. I’ll probably stay up far too late watching the election returns. I’ll even be bummed if the results don’t go my way. But my hope is not in this election. Even if the election goes completely my way, the trouble my beloved country is in won’t simply float away.

Even if it goes the wrong way, my real King, the One to Whom I’ve sworn the ultimate allegiance, will be in full control. My King won’t worry at all about the election. He won’t call a special meeting of the Godhead to asses the situation. No, His Kingdom will just keep marching on.

I do wish, however, that my country could see Who is really in control and humbly turn to Him. I wish they could see that He has woven the law of sowing and reaping into His Universe and there is no way around it. I wish my country could see that He allows us to make choices, but He does not let us define consequences.

But whatever happens in beloved country today, my real King is still in control. You can take that to the bank and can write it in ink right now:

Christ Is Still Seated On The Throne On The Universe

(This is the third entry for this election season. The first 2 are:

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