Quarantined (IBTR #49)

In the right situation, quarantining can be a splendid idea. Many, I have noticed, suggest it in the current Ebola crisis(?). Someone mentioned to me the other day that quarantining is often used in the Christian world. The Independent Baptist world, for the record, contains some of its greatest practicitioners.

Before we consider it in a religious context, we must remember what the goal of quarantining always is. A disease is cordoned off so that it might not spread. The idea is to keep it out.

In a most bizarre twist, many in certain groups use it to keep it in. That’s right! They work to keep the disease in!

They have some unscriptural ideas that they do not want to get out. They have some particular standard or church practice that they deem essential and they quarantine those inside their own circles from all others who might hold a different point of view. (The quarantining of those in the group who disagree is a subject for another day). That one who disagrees on some dress or music standard must be ignored, shunned, and never listened to. In that they think they are so right, it seems odd that they would quarantine those they deem to be well! It would be like quarantining all the Americans who don’t have Ebola and putting them in medical facilities while letting the two or three that do have the run of the country. I guess it could work, but it seems the long way around.

I suspect that in the churches I speak of the real reason for quarantining is never mentioned. What is it? Their great distinctive point cannot be easily defended with Scripture or logic, so they must quarantine so real, tough, honest questions can never get to their ears. Deep down they know how hopeless the cause they champion would be! It is a position diseased Scripturally. Quarantining is they last wall of defense where unquestioned position live.

I say quarantine disease away, but never truth. Truth is not diseased and needs no medical intervention. Let it stand for it never stumbles. It is too strong to ever fear. There are cases where fear makes no sense and truth is one of them. I don’t fear dandruff (it takes hair to have it!). Let it out and all will be healthier; that is if you really have it.

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8 thoughts on “Quarantined (IBTR #49)

  1. Once again I enjoyed your blog. It seems the thing most quarantined in the IBF church is the biblical teaching of Liberty. We cannot teach our folk how to live and walk in Liberty. No telling what our members might do if they are not living by their pastor’s “rules”.

    I wonder how many people have been turned into hell because they thought they had to live by man made rules if they got saved and would not take the step of faith. I understand a saved person is a changed person, but a saved person is not changed so he can keep man made rules.

    I guess this frustrates me so because I see a church take a step toward Liberty or dip their toe in the water of Liberty and then go back to what is comfortable.

  2. Dear Pastor Reagan:

    What an on target post. Thank you so much for being willing to weather the storm!

    Could you please have a look at the following from paragraph four of your post: “It would be like quarantining all the Americans who don’t have Ebola and putting them in medical facilities and letting the two or three or do.” I think there is something missing here. I’d love to share your article with some of my friends and want to make sure your thoughts are captured as you intended.

    Many thanks again.

    Best regards,

    Ron Hess

  3. I have seen this idea a lot in Home School families. They are terrified that their kids will be contaminated. (As a disclosure, I was home schooled for years and my wife is home schooling this year). A large number of these families will not allow their kids into age specific church classes because one of the other kids might turn their child to the world. Also the leaders of the classes might lead their children astray.

    So they end up with some of the most socially maladjusted children ever. Most of these kids either abandon everything their parents taught, or they have serious problems getting jobs and a spouse as adults.

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