Carta Jerusalem Partners With Hendrickson Publishers

A fortuitous development in Christian publishing has happened with Carta-Jerusalem now distributing its titles in the USA through Hendrickson Publishers. I have long felt that Carta was the premier Bible Atlas makers in the world. The only problem is that being based in Israel they were not as well known in the USA as they deserved to be. Only a couple of their atlases were widely known.

They publish the pastors first choice for an atlas with their Carta Bible Atlas.

They also have the most comprehensive Bible Atlas available in The Sacred Bridge. While it is a scholar’s delight, pastors will find it an incredible resource. The pictures and scholarly information well supplement the incredible maps. Anton Rainey and R. Steven Notley are top-flight scholars perfect for such an endeavor while the maps are classic Carta, only this time in full color. An ambitious undertaking that delivers what it advertises. I don’t agree with every point made, but I love this atlas.

Look for In The Master’s Steps: The Gospel In The Land by R. Stephen Notley that condenses some material in the preceding volume for a wider audience.

The Carta Jerusalem Atlas by Dan Bahat is most helpful volume I know of on that subject.

They have many volumes to help in geographic or historical background, as well as help for Holy Land travelers.

The Holy Land: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Israel, Jordan, and the Sinai by G.S.P. Freeman-Grenville is thrilling. Though some of the road information is out of date, this is an experience. The armchair traveler will not be disappointed, nor will the modern pilgrim. You will have to do your homework for sites in the West Bank, but this book makes you thirst to go.

The River Jordan: An Illustrated Guide From Bible Days to the Present is great for specific site information. The pictures and maps are choice. Though it extends to sites a long way from Jordan, it is good enough to make you wish it covered every site. 

Any map by Carta will greatly aid you in travel. These maps were a blessing to me when I went on a solo trip there in 2010. There are other Carta titles I look forward to perusing in the future.

Hendrickson Publishers are a good partner for Carta as they are well known in the Christian world. They have supplied us with classic titles for years that we are so glad to see in print. 

Check them out at here and click on the Carta catalog.


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