The Best Bible Atlas of All–The Carta Bible Atlas




If you could only own one Bible Atlas, what would be your choice? The Carta Bible Atlas, 5th Edition, by Carta would be my recommendation for pastors like me and serious Bible students.  I make that recommendation as a Bible Atlas nut who owns almost every one out there. It has one claim to fame that allows it to outpace the pack–It has the most maps for specific Bible events. They are unrivaled for accuracy.

Carta maps are the preeminent ones out there today. They publish larger atlases for scholars like The Sacred Bridge as well as more popular ones for general audiences. This one, now updated, however,  has been the standard for years. Originally called The MacMillian Bible Atlas and a pastor’s favorite since the 1960s, five updates have only made it better.  I have used an older edition for years, but I love the maps that have since been added with all my old favorites still there too. I guess my son will get my older edition so he will have a great start on a Bible atlas

The additions supplement world history among the Bible maps. They put Bible history in the larger context. The world around God’s people is important to the narrative and are part of the story in many cases. The maps are better for the Old Testament than the New, but the New Testament section is improved from previous editions.

The maps are not as vivid or colorful as those in some other atlases. There are occasions where a conclusion on Bible history or chronology is more liberal than I could accept. Still, even with those caveats, this volume is the best. Read your biblical passage and turn to the appropriate Bible map in this volume and you will see for yourself. Better still, what you are given is not beyond what would be benefical to a pastor or teacher unlike the larger volumes designed for scholars.

There are extra features like a list on all the archaeological sites in Bible lands in an appendix as well as great indexes of persons and places for cross study. You might want two or three other Bible Atlases, for great color graphics and pictures, but this is the one you must have for rich Bible study.

This volume is available at most online book retailers. Check out the Carta website to see all the fine products they put out.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Check out my article on Bible Atlases in general here.


9 thoughts on “The Best Bible Atlas of All–The Carta Bible Atlas

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  2. Accordance Bible Software offers this Atlas and many of the others that you review. The maps can be magnified and copied, and the text is fully searchable and linked to the Bible and any other books in Accordance.

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