4 Exciting New Titles From Carta

Carta has four new titles that Bible students will love to check out!


This is the second of a planned four-title series that will make up The Carta New Testament Atlas. Steven Notley, already a co-author of the sweeping Bible Atlas The Sacred Bridge, contributes this fine volume. It is the perfect blend of history, text, pictures, and maps. Yes, it is the outstanding Carta maps! Together these features are a feast for the reader.

Bible students will be greatly enriched here and will find much to expand understanding and gain background in New Testament studies.  Carta has been reaching out to a wider audience in many of there later releases, and as much as i love them all, this may be the best so far.

I see an additional use for this book. Are you planning a trip to Jerusalem? I can’t imagine how much better such a trip would be if you read this book first.

This is a real gem!

life jesus

Bible students will love this 40 page volume. It is more of a visual smorgasbord. The text is minimal so you have just enough to gain what the pictures and maps will give you. Some of the best of the famous Carta maps are here. Bible study groups, Sunday School classes, and of course, pastors and teachers will love this volume.

More economical than a full-scale Bible Atlas, but perfect if you are having an in=depth study of the life of Jesus.

We have here another winner!


Do you ever wonder what happened to the Jewish World from New Testament times forward? Michael Avi-Yonah and Shmuel Safrai wrote this material in three larger works. What we have here is a more manageable 40 page work for Bible students. The editors have selected well in producing this for we who teach, preach, or study God’s Word. Many of us have a noticeable gap in our knowledge in this very area.

This book, in beautiful, large pages gives us what larger volumes give. the difference is what you have to wade through to get the information, and of course, price.

Another fine title from Carta!


No doubt this a specialty title, but when we stop and remember just how much of Christ’s ministry was by or on the Sea of Galilee, this is a fascinating title. Written by Shelley Wachsmann, this volume takes the discovery of a First Century Galilean boat that Mr. Wachsmann was part of and puts the whole idea of Galilean Seafaring in perspective.

The book begins with a background seafaring in NT times and even the legends of the area. All we know about travelers there from NT times to modern days is given. The rest of the book covers the discovery, the challenging excavation, and the careful preservation of this amazing discovery of a boat just like Jesus would have used.

I’ll call this volume–fun!

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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