The Emperor Has Spoken


The edict has just come down from the Imperial Palace, formally known as the White House, directing all public schools in our nation to allow so-called “transgender” students to use the bathroom they self-identify with. I guess in a country where a President can self-identify as a king and can get away with it, even to the degree that other members of our republican government join the facade and put on the costumes of court subjects with most fighting over the one of the court jester, it was inevitable a high school boy could “self-identify” (wink, wink) and get into the girl’s bathroom or gym showers.

We were already forced a few weeks ago to think through this issue (as I did here for myself), and many of us decided that this wasn’t going to work for our families. Now in a move shocking both in its suddenness and brashness, we have a nationwide proclamation that hits in a place that should definitely be protected from such shenanigans: our schools.

I’m heartbroken for our country. I’m heartbroken for the family that has no other option besides public schools. I’m heartbroken for the good public school teachers who will now be put in a hopeless situation. I’m sorry for the accredited Christian schools or colleges who will have trouble avoiding this ruling. Most of all, I am sorrowful for the helpless children who will suffer.

The children of our country deserve better. Many children who abuse another child are ones who have been abused themselves. The adults need to protect them all. A safe bathroom is a minimum requirement, wouldn’t you say?

I do want to thank God that homeschooling is still a legal option.  I applaud all homeschooling mothers, who even though you may want to pull your hair out at times, you are one of the true heroes of our generation. I want to thank those involved in providing Christian schools too. With what is going on in public schools, homeschoolers and Christian school families need not split hairs.

There’s another thing that needs admitting at this time. Perhaps the drama of the 2016 presidential election with Trump and Hillary and the others made us forget for a moment. Obama is the most perversely effective president in our nation’s history. He has gotten through so much of his grotesque agenda, an agenda far beyond what we thought in 2008. He has used methods not mentioned in our Constitution, methods never heard of before, and they have worked with apparent ease. Every few months now we are getting the shock of our lives. And that’s exactly what this nationwide “transgender” bathroom edict really is. May God help us.

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