Traveling The King’s Highway

It’s the road I’m traveling–the King’s Highway. I sure enjoy traveling it. I’m glad to know so many others traveling it as well. A life of loving and serving the King surely is a nice journey. I’ve spent the day studying God’s Word. That was my pleasant task–I hope you found yours as pleasant as I did mine. If I ever have a hard day, I just remember where this road is taking me.

I started traveling this road through unknown territory when I was 10 years old and the King Himself put me on it. I wasn’t royalty and had no access before He got involved. But I’m glad to be on it now!

There was a King’s Highway in Moses’ day. There is a road in modern-day Jordan that pretty much follows the ancient route and carries still the old name. When I made my solo trip there 2 years ago, I made a point to drive that way. (That’s a portion of it in the picture above). The signage was poor and I accidentally got off in Muslim towns several times. I have a tendency to do that on the King’s Highway. Unlike that King’s Highway in Jordan, there is still a King on the one I’m traveling and He helps every mile of the way.

Here’s a poem I wrote that sums up my thoughts on the Kings’s Highway:

Traveling The King’s Highway

The road of life is rocky                                                                                   Obstacles lay in the way,                                                                                          But you’ll make it if you go,                                                                           Traveling the King’s Highway.

You may lose sight of the goal,                                                                               Mired in evil this day,                                                                                     But look up, weary pilgrim,                                                                     Traveling the King’s Highway.

You think the scenery is strange?                                                            Unpleasant you even say?                                                                              But think where you’re going!                                                                         Traveling the King’s Highway.

So you want to park awhile?                                                                           Relax and rest if you may?                                                                             But remember some are not,                                                                          Traveling the King’s Highway.

Riddled by a lack of faith?                                                                               No strength to stay the right way?                                                                              Trust the One Who paid the fare,                                                                      Traveling the King’s Highway.

You Know the company is good,                                                                                As we journey each day,                                                                                        And the pavement turns to gold,                                                                     Traveling the King’s Highway!

–Jimmy Reagan

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