Books On The Ministry #1

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I have made it a point since I was called into the ministry to collect the best books on the subject and read them carefully. I scoured recommendation lists everywhere I could find them. Several volumes a year has been my standard fare. The value of these volumes is beyond calculation in their impact on my life.

As I have recently ended my first pastorate, and as I anticipate my next ministry, I find myself carefully reevaluating, rereading, and looking for new volumes to help me be what the Lord wants me to be. I remain convinced that the ministry is the highest calling. If that be so, then it is worthy of the greatest effort, the greatest care, and the most intense of study.

In the beginning I read the classics on the ministry. Hardly any of them were from after 1950. That they were so helpful only proves the timeless nature of the ministry. In recent years I took on newer volumes and found that wonderful things are still being written. The whole spectrum is needed.

Many pastors feel that a few good books on any subject or book of the Bible are all that are needed, and while that may work in other categories, it is a huge mistake in the area of the ministry. Gentlemen, it is what we do. Like any other life’s work we should be continuing our education and be aware of what has been said on the subject.

Then there is the obvious concern with our lack; our need glares as we go from one blunder to another. Many of these volumes were written by men in the twilight of their ministry as they had the reflection natural as the end is in sight. We readers have the value of their successes and failures forging the words on the page.

So I introduce a blog series writing about these great books. I will not be giving them in any particular order. (I can’t—they are boxed and in a mountain of boxes during this transition time in my life). I can only give them as I find them! I write this as I am trying to help myself and thought it might be a blessing to share on this blog. Books on preaching and pastoring will be reviewed. Some volumes push one at the expense of the other, but we can apply the needed balance as we read.

I so recommend that everyone in the ministry load up the shelf on ministry books and read carefully. I give it to you as a test. Try it and see if you aren’t helped and blessed immensely.

Let’s join together and buck the trend that is destroying the ministry as many are reshaping it as the world pleases. Let’s fight the pressure to change us into entertainers, promoters, and mere organizers when souls are still in the balance and God’s glory is on the line.

BOOKS REVIEWED: (Just Click on the link to see the reviews)
Books on the Ministry # 2

1. The Preacher: His Life And Work by J.H. Jewett, 2. A Minister’s Obstacles by Ralph Turnbull, 3. A Minister’s Opportunities by Ralph Turnbull

Books on the Ministery #3
4. The Pastor-Preacher by William Quayle, 5. Heralds of God by James Stewart, 6. The Christian Pastor, complied by John Brown

Books on the Ministry #4
7. The Cure of Souls by John Watson, 8. The Ministry of the Word by G. Campbell Morgan, 9. Ministerial Life and Word by W. H Griffith-Thomas

Books on the Ministry #5
10. Under the Predictable Plant by Eugene Peterson, 11. The Sacred Wilderness of Pastoral Ministry by David Rohrer, 12. The Six Deadly Sins of Preaching by Robert Reid and Lucy Hogan, 13. Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp, 14. Leading On Empty by Wayne Cordeiro

Books on the Ministry #6
15. Preachers and Preachers by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Books on the Ministry #7
16. Lectures on Preaching by Phillip Brooks, 17. The Preacher: His Life and Models by James Stalker, 18. The Glory of the Ministry by A.T. Robertson, 19. The Preacher’s Portrait by John Stott

Books on the Ministry #8
20. Famine in the Land by Stephen Lawson, 21. Pulpit Crimes by James White, 22. They Smell Like Sheep by Lynn Anderson, 23. A Portrait of Paul by Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker, 24. How To Preach To People’s Needs by Edgar Jackson, 25. The Preacher and His Preacher by W. B. Riley, 26. The Elements of Preaching by Warren and Davis Wiersbe, 27. Preaching in the Holy Spirit by Albert Martin, 28. Mourning a Beloved Shepherd by Charles Hodge and John Hall

Books on the Ministry #9

29. Walking With The Giants by Warren Wiersbe, 30. Listening To The Giants by Warren Wiersbe, and 31. The Company of the Preachers by David Larsen. Several other volumes are mentioned here.

Books on the Ministry #10

32. The Expository Method of G. Campbell Morgan by Don Wagner, 33. The Sacred Anointing: The Preaching of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Tony Sargent, and 34. Return To Worship by Ron Owens.

Books on the Ministry #11

35. Preaching? by Alec Motyer

Books on the Ministry #12

36. The Pastor: A Memoir by Eugene Peterson

Books on the Ministry #13

37. The Art of Pastoring by David Hansen, 38. The Life of Alexander Whyte by G. F. Barbour, 39. He Is Not Silent by Albert Mohler, Jr., 40. The Pastor’s Guide To Leading & Living by O. S. Hawkins

Books on the Ministry #14

Fail by J. R. Briggs

Books on the Ministry #15
42. The Minister As Shepherd by Charles Jefferson, 43. The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter, 44. Expository Preaching Plans And Methods by F. B. Meyer, 45. Master Preachers by Harold Calkins

Books on the Ministry #16
46. Persuasive Preaching by Overstreet

Book on the Ministry #17

47. Preaching With Accuracy by Pelton

Books on the Ministry #18

48. An Unhurried Leader by Fadling

Books on the Ministry #19

49. Spiritual Leadership by Sanders

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