Join Me In This Revolution! (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution #15)

What is needed from you? I have been pleasantly surprised by the size of the readership of this blog series and I have been overjoyed by the many positive responses we have received. It proves something. The problems of the Independent Baptist world come in great part from a very vocal fringe element. Frankly, we have given them too large a voice. The saddest part is that we have allowed ourselves to be defined by them in the eyes of many. And it is quite embarrassing.

We should not have allowed them to do so. We did, it was a mistake, but it is now history. On the other hand, we are not held hostage to that history. We must seize the present and change the future. I want to not only convince you it can be done, but enlist you in the battle to change it. You can make a difference.

We need to be vocal. I plead that we back up our words with a Christlike spirit, which will, in many cases, one-up the other side. To do otherwise is to be afflicted with the same problems we seek to change. We can support the right things. We can talk up the preaching of God’s Word over the opinions of men. We can live and speak balance. We can champion soul liberty. We can stand against abuse in our churches in all its ugly forms. We can encourage those who follow these things even at great cost. We can seek to influence those in our own sphere as well as the larger sphere of social media.

Perhaps you say that you don’t have a way with words. Anyone can speak encouragement. As for social media, you can always share quotes or articles. One thing that has expanded the reach of this blog series has been the folks who simply shared it. There are other blogs, some probably better, and they can be shared too. You don’t have to agree with every article on a blog to share it. Ignore the ones you don’t like and share those that match how you feel. That is soul liberty in action. And if you can get up your nerve, take a stab at writing a few sentences of your own. Write from your heart and it will be good. Your influence will go farther than you think.

Join me in this revolution. Silence is not golden…it is criminal. We are enabling these folks if we don’t say: “stop”. Every little voice (you and me) joined together can stop the big bullies. Their influence can be muted, their reign of terror stopped!

Think of the American Revolution as an example of the kind of Independent Baptist Truth Revolution we need. We need spiritual patriots! We need to proclaim that we will not be held in bondage. Our American Patriot forbears were not afraid of the labels hurled at them. They were called traitors; we may be called compromisers or liberals. Our ideals of what we believe are too great for that to be a real threat. Seize your spiritual liberties!

Remember the admonition in 1 Peter 3:15,
But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts:and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:
They need your answer.

We need to band together. I want to make one thing clear- I don’t seek to be the George Washington of this revolution. I am not even qualified. I just want to be a fellow soldier with you. I want to be a Patrick Henry who says, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”
That Christ be our authority, that His Word be magnified over the demands of men, that our consciences be clear with Him, is that important to me. I pray it is to you!

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15 thoughts on “Join Me In This Revolution! (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution #15)

  1. Galations is our watch word and source of confirmation in “soul liberty.” not the only one, of course, as all of Scripture breathes our liberty in Christ, but it’s the place to go, to grab onto and to give out.

  2. I want to take my stand as an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

    Words and names mean something to me. I am unashamedly “Independent” because I am totally convinced that every local church is to be autonomous. I am just as unashamedly “Fundamental” because I am also totally convinced of the validity of those doctrines called the “Fundamentals of the Faith” and widely considered to be the foundation of modern Christian fundamentalism. I whole-heartedly accept the Fundamentalist position of standing for the truth and separating from apostasy. I am also unashamedly “Baptist” because for me those doctrines called “Baptist Distinctives” are in truth Bible doctrines.

    So sign me up, I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

    Unfortunately, some of today’s independent Baptist fundamentalism seems far from biblical Christianity. Many have adopted positions and practices foreign to biblical Christianity. How should we respond to this dilemma?

    Some are openly pulling out and taking to task the movement as a whole. It seems to me that there have always been in the body of Christ individuals who brought shame on the body by their behavior. For example, there were those in the church at Corinth that got drunk at the Lord’s Table, some took other believers to court, and one believer was so brazen as to have his father’s wife. Some in the church at Pergamos held the doctrine of Balaam, and others the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. The church in Thyatira had a woman prophetess who seduced other believers to commit fornication. The church in Laodicea had believers who made God Himself sick.

    If I understand properly, Christ gave specific instructions to those local churches as to how to deal with the sin within each local church, but nowhere did He give instructions for believers to take a stand against Christianity as a whole.

    I know, at that time there were not all the factions that we have today. However, I have no desire to retreat from my position as an Independent Fundamental Baptist. I must admit that I am ashamed of many who use that name as they probably are of me. There are also many who call themselves Christians who make me weep but I am not ready to stop being identified as a Christian.

    So sign me up, I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

  3. How about taking the energy you are using to fight other Christians and fighting the devil! Share the gospel with a lost an dying world, Jesus is coming back soon an there isn’t time for fighting each other…let’s just do a Matthew 28:19-20 tells us to do! I’m all about standards and getting your voice ou there for wht you believe, but let’s remember why we’re here…to share CHRIST!!!!

    • Kailley,
      I must sincerely submit to you that I believe I am fighting the Devil. These things that I have written about have greatly damaged the cause of Christ and hindered evangelism.
      Thanks for writing and sharing your perspective!

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